Scary Game for Parties - The Monster

by Carl
(Boston, MA, USA)

(Photo from Vancouver Film School)

The game could be called "The Monster". My dad did this game when I was a little boy and we had a big block party for Halloween. All of the lights in the house were out except for a faint light behind him just to give a silhouette.

He wore a trench coat and had a coat hanger go across his shoulders to make him look bigger. All of the kids got in a circle in the dark and there was a sheet in front of them laying on the ground.

My dad proceeded to tell the story of how he built his monster. He would give details about how he had fingers for his monster and he would tell everyone that he would pass a finger down the line for all to feel. They had to keep it under the sheet so no one could see what it really was.

He had taken a hot dog and skinned it and then put two toothpicks in it to make it feel like bones sticking out. He did this for many body parts, including peeled grapes for eyeballs, a very soft half-filled water balloon covered in slime stuff to be an internal organ, and he even had raw meats to use as other organs.

The game is meant mainly for a younger audience, but might work with an older group if they are mostly the squeamish kind or afraid of scary movies. It might work great on girls.

Half of the items my dad made never even made it around the circle as the kids got grossed out and dropped the item or threw it out of disgust. You could buy chicken livers or cow liver and tell them it is an internal organ.

You could use Vienna sausages as toes, and if you have an adult audience you could use peeled cucumbers as a body part. The game can be scary if you have the right storyteller and right audience.

For adults it might be more fun than scary, but for kids it would still be scary.

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Apr 24, 2014
Why do you suck so much?

The ol' wiener under the blanket trick eh? Tell your dad to keep his soggy old weiner away from kids.

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