Dare, Bloody or Vodka?

by Scarlet Rain
(Springfield, Tx )

(Photo from -miguelito-)

One fateful weekend when I was a teen I found myself with the rare privilege of having the house to myself. My parents were going to be gone visiting family and had entrusted me with watching the home.

Of course I decided to have a couple of friends over. It was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. It so happened to be a weekend that started with Friday the thirteenth, I should have realized then what kind of night it would be.

My friends, who we shall call "Amber" and "Mindy", and I went and rented a few horror movies to keep us entertained. When we got back to my place we found Mindy's boyfriend, "Tom" waiting on us with a gallon of cheap vodka he had persuaded someone to buy.

It should be noted Tom was the high school football star, he usually got the things he wanted. We prepared for a memorable night. Which it definitely was. About three movies in (and several pitchers of Bloody Mary’s).

Amber had the bright idea that we should play some truth or dare. It started out pretty funny. After I got back from the bathroom it was my turn. Brazenly I accepted "dare". Then Amber dares me to play the Bloody Mary game with the lights off in the mirror.

We happened to have a large mirror hanging on the wall right there in the living room. I eyed it with what I thought was a look of complete disdain (but was closer to apprehension) and informed my friends that Bloody Mary was a stupid, childish game and to pick another dare.

This induced about ten minutes of clucking and taunts of "I triple dog dare you". It's very annoying to be chased in your own house by a burly football player flapping his arms. So yeah, I caved.

Apparently the idea was to let me get to the third "Bloody Mary" and flip on the stereo and light at the same time, scaring me.

As the last Bloody Mary was dying on my tender lips Amber and Mindy (Mindy at the light and Amber at the stereo) played their parts and flipped the switches. This is where things went horribly wrong.

There was a millisecond that it worked, and then the entire house was plunged into complete, thick, paralyzing darkness. The sudden palatable silence was suddenly broken by a high pitched, girlish shriek followed by something large and hairy crashing into me.

It resulted in numerous scratches, various bruises, and a few bite marks. But once we washed the blood off, Tom seemed to be ok, though he did complain about his throat burning for a few days after.

Thank goodness Amber was a smoker, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to use her lighter to flip the breaker back on.

That's my story, to this day Tom will go white when you mention the words "dare", "bloody" or "vodka". Come to think of it, I've never seen him out on another Friday the thirteenth.

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Jul 28, 2013
Scared big football star - love it
by: Francis

Scarlet, this is a great story, you really have a knack for that :)

First, I felt almost jealous for the big, muscular football star playing Truth or Dare with a group of chicks. Almost didn't want to continue reading...

But how it turned around on him made me laugh... a lot *evilgrin*

It's often the big, scary types of persons that have the most surprizing weaknesses.

And way to get a scary slumber party night going without everyone ending up naked.

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The Scary Truth or Dare Story - Summon Bloody Mary

(Photo from Thomas Euler)

I remember sitting in that restaurant bathroom with my cousins that night. It was a normal night in the New Mexico Mountains as we traveled from Kansas City, Missouri to Alamogordo, New Mexico.

I, Carrie, and Janice must have been between 12 and 14 years old. We went into that bathroom because the adults were talking and we wanted to do something fun. Janice suggested that we play truth or dare.

We sat on the floor in the bathroom and began with several rounds of the same old boring truth. Then it got to me, I chose dare because I thought it would spice things up.

Carrie looked at me with that mischievous glint in her eye and said three words that I will never forget,

"Summon Bloody Mary."

I froze. I felt a fear well up inside that I had never really felt before. After a few moments I screwed up my courage and stood in front of that mirror.

I remember it looked so ominous and violent in a way I had never thought of before. I was frightened out of my wits, but the pressure of the moment made me press on.

There was no way I was going to look like a coward from this. Slowly I said the words that would summon the vengeful spirit. "Bloody Mary."

I could hear my heart beating like a hammer. I felt faint and held on the sink for dear life. Again I spoke, "Bloody Mary."

The entire place went oddly quiet and there was a rushing of blood in my ears. The faintness I had been feeling previously joined nausea, I thought I was going to be sick.

One last time, I paused for a moment to regain my composure. I couldn't believe that I was actually going through with this. A tear leaked down my face from the fear as I incanted the name for the third and final time, "Bloody Mary."

Crack, just as I finished the third recitation lightning crashed from the clear night sky and the power went out in the restaurant. We were plunged into darkness as a wall of water fell from the sky. The wind started blowing violently and a tree branch started scratching on the wall outside.

As the lights went out I swear I could see a pale corpse-like face staring out at me. The three of us screamed louder than Jamie Lee Curtis is famous for and rushed out of the bathroom with alarming speed.

When we left that restaurant we were looking over our shoulders for the violent ghost of Bloody Mary to come and get us. We never told our parents what had happened in the bathroom, the assumption always was that we were startled by the sudden rainstorm and lightning strike.

In fact in some ways we still are looking for Bloody Mary to come and get us. In my mind I know that it was a coincidence, but at the time I thought I was going to die for certain.

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We Played Bloody Marry at a Halloween Party

by Sheila Black
(Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA )

Bloody Mary by Gothic-Samara on deviantART)

When I was a teenager, I had a Halloween party where I invited all of my friends. We were in the mood to get scared, so we decided to play "Bloody Mary". I had heard of the game but had never actually played it.

My friend Matt and I went into the half bath, which was dark except for a flickering candle that my mom had lit (to make the bathroom smell nice for guests). We stared into the mirror. We began chanting the words "Blood Mary!" over and over.

We then spun around a few times and stared into the mirror. We immediately got freaked out and began howling and screaming, and then ran out of the bathroom in a flash. The funny part is that absolutely nothing happened, but we managed to scare ourselves silly.

Another time, when I was about ten, I was at my friend's house. She was having a party, and we all decided that we wanted to tell scary stories in the dark. She had a two family house: the apartment on the first floor was inhabited by her grandmother, and then the upstairs floor was shared by her and her mom.

We were sitting in the living room on the floor, telling frightening tales. We were all getting into it when the doorbell rang! All of us immediately sprang from the floor, shrieking with fear, and ran out of the living room into the kitchen, which was brightly lit - and further away from the staircase!

It turned out to be not a ghost or demonic creature, but one of the girl's mothers coming to pick her up. The best part of that story had to be the timing. We were just getting to the climactic part of the scary story when the doorbell nearly frightened us out of our skins.

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