Scary Game - Autopsy Lab Tour

(Photo from James Willamor)

Take guests on an autopsy lab tour in Gary, Indiana, the murder capital of the US. To set the mood, let the guests know that you have a "friend" *wink wink* that works at the Gary, Indiana coroner's office, and you will be taking them on a tour of the autopsy lab.

But your friend isn't really supposed to let people in there and you don't want to trip the security system, so two rules: you must stay completely silent and no one can turn on the lights. (Obviously Gary is more concerned about preventing murders than updating their security system to one that's a bit more sophisticated.)

There are also privacy concerns since not all of the deceased person’s next of kin have been located, so you’ll have to wear blindfolds. BUT, they are allowed to touch things! Lead your guests throughout the party location, heading towards the “Autopsy Lab” (a kitchen works well).

On the way there, have a few loud bangs, shutters clattering, a car backfiring, and insist the guests pause, crouch, and wait until the coast is clear. (All to set the mood.) When you reach the “lab,” let your guests know it is time for feeling the different body parts.

Have bowls or platters with the following items prepared. Pass the bowls around and tell guests about what the items are, and how the person was murdered. These stories are especially effective if they pertain to the body part (Andrew adored Cora. She had the most beautiful green eyes. He tried to date her, but she wanted nothing to do with him.

So he stalked her, and she got a restraining order. He couldn’t handle living without seeing her green eyes, so one night, he took them.)
  • Peeled Grapes = Eyeballs

  • Cooked Spaghetti Noodles = intestines

  • Dog Bone = Bone

  • Wig or hair extensions = hair Chunky

  • Soup = contents of victim’s stomach

  • Jarred Peach Halves, pitted center down = Tongues

  • Plastic Binders trimmed into crescent slivers = fingernails and toenails

  • Jello Molded as a brain = brain

Extra points for the whole experience if you can make the lab smell like bleach or formaldehyde. Make sure there are appropriate background noises. Moaning, knives sharpening (recorded since the guests are blindfolded and you wouldn’t want an accident)

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