Top 10 Halloween pranks videos

Everyone loves a good scare - afterwards!

For your evil inspiration: the top 10 halloween pranks- complete with videos:

Halloween Prank 1 - Surprise, Surprise!

These are the reactions you will get: shrieking, cries and utter fear...!

Check out these costume ideas, and best places to surprise people from. And let the scary music get you in the mood!

Just don't get whacked like the last prankster!

Halloween Prank 2 - Shower Prank

How to surprise innocent, singing friends coming out of the shower...

(You'll love the reaction!)

Top Halloween tips learned...

  • Set up different cameras in advance to capture your Halloween prank
  • Find an open window (don't get caught doing this!)
  • Don't chase naked people too far down the street
  • The bed is the "safe zone"!

By the way, be ready for some epic retaliation (how the NO-NO-NOOO! guy from the video before got his revenge:)

Halloween Prank 3 - Desk Monster

Jumping out of windows seems to be helpful when scared...

But those are pranks you can do all year. Let's get to scarier stuff...

Halloween Prank 4 - Scary Wake Up Moment wakeup

A great way to start into Halloween! The day after the party, you might want to cure your own hangover. Here is how to do it...

Halloween Prank 5 - Nice Collection of Girlfriend Pranks

Halloween with your girlfriend can be nice and romantic. Or funny and scary: your choice!

Warning: Don't expect her to want to cuddle with you afterwards!

Screaming and covering your face will not help your victim either, it seems.

My favorites:

  • Hiding and jumping out of the fridge. She will need that cold beer now

  • And the wake-up-call next to a fake head. Just imagine the fake head being a scary mask instead!

The best part was the trick of waking her with a broomstick!
(Do make sure your girlfriend does not have a weak heart.)

Halloween Prank 6 - Bloody Shower Scare

I am not really sure how to best pull of having fake blood coming out of a shower (putting some red ink into the shower head) but blood in the bathroom, no matter what form it takes:

Really scary!

If you think away the crappy acting and the fake setup - the idea is still nice!

  • Dress up as a vampire
  • Hide somewhere your victim will pass. Your friends can pretend to accompany to whatever made up rendez-vous you can think of. "It's a surprise!" would give it away. Be specific.
  • Jump up the car and follow them around
  • Fake blood around the mouth will make things look more terrifying.

Anything is better with fake blood!

Halloween Prank 8 - Dress up as a ghost and just stand there!

I just love the end! :D

If you make sure you don't get "ninja-kicked-in-the-bottoms" this idea can actually be quite effective. I do this all the time.

  • No big yell
  • No jumping in the face of others.

Just wait around the corner and stand still. Works best in the dark, like the basement just before the unsuspecting victim puts on the lights.

Standing there. How much lazier can scaring people get?

Hardcore Halloween Prank 9 - Fake suicide prank!!

  1. Create a fake corpse doll: using old clothes put together and a balloon as head. Fill the balloon or the inside of the fake corpse with fake blood for added effect!

  1. Go up to the next floor. Wait for your friend to come by. Throw the doll down (don't throw it on them, guys!)
  1. Watch them get a heart attack.

(Disclaimer: don't kill people with your pranks.)

Halloween Prank 10 - How to make a Zombie Face mask
(2 Parts)

How to make a Zombie Mask - Part 1

Watch Part 2 Here

Exactly laid out plans on how to make, step by step, the perfect zombie mask.

Please don't ask what the prank is. When you are looking like a zombie, eating brains and scaring the pants off all your mates should become your very nature!

From personal experience I have to say, it takes some time to do, but it is totally worth it. Nobody is going to have a Halloween costume as cool as you do!

And yes, that girl is gorgeous. So there is something to calm your nerves after surviving all top 10 Halloween pranks videos!

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