Scary Sleepover Story - The Only One Left

(Photo from Alex Campos)

A few years ago, just a few days before Halloween, on a cold dark and windy night, seven friends were in a house with no parents around. All of the kids were in a spooky mood, and started to play a game where they would wander around alone in the big house, trying to scare each other!

I was one of these kids, and boy, and I was scared! I was all alone in the old, creaky, cold house. The other six kids were off somewhere else in the house, and we were all silent. I couldn't hear anything but my own heavy breathing and the dead leaves being blown by the cold, rainy wind outside!

I slowly walked through the house, when suddenly I noticed the sink had "turned itself on!" I screamed and shouted "YOU HORRIBLE SINK!!! TURN BACK OFF!" and ran away!

In the other rooms of the house I could hear maniacal laughter! Then, I mischievously put an old painting from the wall onto the floor in the middle of a room!

I quickly ran out of the room and waited nearby for one of my friends to enter the room... when suddenly... "AHHHH!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!" "hahahaha..." I silently giggled to myself as I ran away so the friend I scared couldn't find me! But the real scary part was about a half an hour later...

I suddenly noticed there was not so much activity in the house anymore, and I was feeling even more alone! I eventually ran into who seemed to be the only friend left in the house, who was telling me he was going to check the basement to see if everyone was hiding down there. Eventually, as I wandered around in the silence of the house, I heard a scream from the basement!

I called down to ask what was going on... no reply!

So then, I had to investigate the basement myself. All alone...

I creaked open the basement door and used my cell phone to light my way, past the old tools and creepy objects lurking in the shadows behind my cold blue phone light!

I thought by now that whoever was down here must have screamed and then ran outside to trick me into being alone and scared in the basement.

"Veerrryy clever of them." I said aloud to myself, starting to turn around to leave the creepy old basement and find my friends outside... when suddenly... "SHHRRIIIEEEEEEKKK!!!!" Screams echoed through the musty basement and hands grabbed me from behind!

I ran and ran and ran in terror to get outside and get help from all of my friends! But... they were gone... All alone, I stood outside in the dark and cold, under the autumn leaves blowing violently back and forth...

What horrible creatures lurked in the basement, and where could all of my friends possibly be? ;)

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