Who's That Witch

by Chrystal Lewis
(Otis Orchards, WA United States)

(Photo from Duncan Harris)

Who's That Witch is a lively, hands-on game that kids of all ages will enjoy participating in. This game would be especially fun for a classroom party or one where you had a large amount of kids who knew each other pretty well.

You want to start by putting together a sizable amount of witch supplies. Think green face paint, fake noses and warts, black pointy hats, flowing black clothing, brooms, fake fingernails. The more variety the better!

From here, there are two variations to how the game can be played. The first option is to set up a photo booth of sorts where you let kids dress up as a witch and then take their picture using a Polaroid camera.

Make sure to write the name of each child on the back of their picture so you can remember who is who. You will also want there to be a sectioned off corner of the room to accomplish this so that the other guests don't see who is wearing what costume.

It is important to keep it a surprise! Once all kids have had the opportunity to have their picture taken, you will want to randomly line all of the pictures up on a white board and number them.

Each child uses a numbered piece of paper to try and name the friend that is behind each witch costume. Whoever can correctly identify the most gets a Halloween-themed prize. The second option is to not mention anything to your little party-goers and to randomly pull aside a handful of kids in the middle of the party.

Dress each of them up as a witch and send them back into the party to surprise their friends. Tell them to try to be as sneaky as possible. It will be fun to watch their faces as they realize that their Halloween party is being crashed by a group of witches.

They can then try and figure out which of their friends is really behind the costume. Lots of laughs, or cackles, for everyone!

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