The Great Mummy Race

by Nicole
(Orlando, FL, USA)

(Photo from gradygatorband)

Growing up, My mother threw my sister and I annual Halloween parties so I feel as though I have a bit of experience with "scary" games. One in particular that I always enjoyed we could call "The Great Mummy Race".

This involves a few dozen rolls of toilet paper, depending on your party size, a decent sized area to race in, and teams of 2. The teams will each get about 2-3 rolls of toilet paper, depending on how mummified you want the contestants to be.

Both teammates stand at one side of the race area, along with the rest of the teams. One person chooses to be the mummy and another chooses to be the mummifier. The mummy stands with their legs together and hands at their sides while the other teammate wraps them up.

Everything should be covered besides the eyes and mouth. The objective is to have your mummy make it to the other side of the race area first. This entails quick wrapping of your mummy and agility on the mummy's part.

First mummy to the finish line gets a scary "poisoned" caramel apple.

Disclaimer: Please do not actually poison the apple.

Addition1: To make the game scarier, you can purchase specialty toilet paper with bats, ghouls, or other scary prints. But please note that sometimes these toilet papers are cheaply made and can rip very easily- you do not want your mummy unraveling!

Addition2: Should the mummy become significantly unraveled at any time, they must go back to the starting line and be re-wrapped!

Addition3: There should be no usage of tape or other adhesive to keep the mummy together.

Addition4: As a scary prank, losers can get "candy apples" that are actually onions on a stick with caramel glaze on top so that it looks like an apple.

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