Do you believe in Ghosts, Spirits, Demons and entities?

(Photo from Kushal Das)

Do you believe in Ghosts, Spirits, Demons and entities?

Familiar with the sensation of being watched when you're completely alone? Perhaps you're sharing a home with entities from the other side. Want a real scary thrill? Maybe even communicate with these spirits?

Pick up an Ouija board and open a portal for direct communication, if you dare. The Ouija board can be home made, or a professional printed game board. The board uses printed letters, the words; Yes, No, Maybe, and Goodbye.

All players place their finger tips on the center piece, usually a triangle with a hole in the center, and you ask the spirit to move the piece to Yes. All players must stay relaxed and allow the piece to move on its own.

Then ask questions and watch the responses spell out. Coincidence? Perhaps. But take one google search and you will find hundreds of results for individuals claiming they're now haunted by demons or ghosts. Reports of unexplained paranormal activity after playing the game are very often.

Numerous reports of players taking on slightly different facial features, and deeper demonic voices. Some players are scarred for life, spotting demonic figures watching them from a distance every day. One story tells of a group of teens who touched a crucifix to the game board while in connection with a spirit.

Jesus fell from the crucifix metal bent at the hands and feet. Another story is of a young girl who began experiencing difficulty breathing while talking to a spirit. She then felt her throat close and a hard shove to the chest, relieving the pressure on her neck.

To this day she experiences strange noises, doors opening and closing and shadows roaming her home. The board opens you and the other players up to direct communication to a darker dimension. Play this game at your own risk!

Reader beware...

You're in for a scare.

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A Typical Night in the Philippines

by Anonymous
(Philippines )

A Haunted House...

A Haunted House...

(Photo from Beth Rankin)

In the Philippines, it is almost tradition to drink with your fellow companions after a hard day at work or school. Me and my classmates, Luis and Chelsie, we're exhausted after a hard day's work, so it was a given that we go and buy beers to unwind.

Keep in mind that beer in the Philippines is almost as cheap as buying candy in the US. We also believe that "overkill is underrated," so we bought as many as we can. After a few drinks, we decided that a game of "Truth or Dare" was appropriate.

We were young, crazy college kids so a game like this was common for us. After a few boring turns of truth, I finally manned up and decided to go for the Dare, just to spice up the night for a bit. Luis and Chelsie, being the crazy individuals that they are, came up with an idea that we would never forget.

They told me to visit a "haunted" establishment right next to our condominium. Any sane human being would not even dare to embark on such a place. Of course, being under the influence changes such feelings, and of course I accepted the dare. The rules were simple.

It was to go in the building alone, and to get a random piece of furniture or artifact that was lying around. There were plenty of stories that were rumored around the building. Some say that there are ghosts, or in the Philippines, they would call it a "wak wak." Sounds were always present in the building, even though it was abandoned some five to ten years ago.

When I finally mustered up the courage (a few shots also helped the cause), I finally went inside with just a cell phone light. I looked around frantically in the building to find something to bring outside, to prove that I've braved this scary feat. After looking around for a minute or two, I made my way around the kitchen.

I found a plate that looked much worn out and old. As soon as I grabbed it, I heard a scuffling sound inside the house. Not a believer of ghosts or superstitions, I shrugged it off and grabbed the plate. I don't know if it was a dog or animal, but all of a sudden I hear a growling noise. Feeling a sense of urgency, I ran outside with the plate, hearing screams and yells when I ran outside.

Face full of sweat, I gave them the plate and begged them to get the "hell out of there." The day after, we asked our landlord about the building, and she explained that there are homeless people living inside the building, and that what I did was very dangerous, yet brave, also idiotic.

It was a night that I would never forget, and a story that Luis and Chelsie always bring up when we describe our crazy nights in the Philippines.

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Are You Easily Scared?

by Barb

Story of a man searching his own head

Story of a man searching his own head

(Photo from wolfgangfoto)

Years ago (me, Barb, 56 now), when I was a senior in high school, it was common knowledge of a small town in Middle Tennessee, known as Flintville, TN. Back in those days, trains made several trips though this small sleepy town. But out of the sleep, came a tale of the Flintville Light.

Rumor has it that a man was decapitated while he was walking on the railroad tracks, slipped and fell, when a train was approaching him.

On foggy nights he was supposedly returning, carrying a lantern in search for his head! Can you imagine seeing this? Well, one night several of my friends and I decided to go, with hopes we would see him! Maybe not with too high hopes.

Once we arrived at the old train station, we parked the car, and began a discussion about who was walking down the tracks. I was dared, scared, and made the decision to start walking the tracks with one other person.

We carried a small flashlight because it was foggy, and we didn't want to trip on the tracks. The trains did not travel the tracks anymore at night, so we didn't have to worry about being hit by a train.

Believe it or not, we were not drinking, so what made us do this dare? Maybe pride or maybe stupidity. This place was very popular to visit for high school students on the weekends.

We all had heard about it growing up in a small city, so naturally our curiosity had the best of us. The Flintville Light story had always been told from generation to generation. Well, now my friend and I had walked down the tracks, and then we saw a light coming down the tracks.

Coming down the tracks!! Are you sure??? Maybe someone is playing a trick on us? Well I could have wet my pants, which I really did. We couldn't get back to the train station fast enough. I didn't actually see the man, but I saw the light.

Yes, today, I still believe the story of the Flintville Light and I always will. And NO, I do not accept dares to this day.

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Truth or Scare? Got Caught By Surprise!

by TD Hill
(United States of America, Terrell, Texas )

(Photo from Kelley Mari)

During my sophomore year of high school, when I was 15 years old, I decided to play truth or dare with a group of friends from school. It was Friday and the Halloween weekend. Sophia, Nomie, Tempest, David, Lazell, Steven, Darius, Eddie and I all decided to meet up at Ashley's house to hang out and have some fun.

Once we all arrived at Ashley's house, we begin to eat refreshments and talk about funny things that had occurred at school. While we were all laughing at Eddie's impersonation of Mr. Tubbs, our chemistry teacher, Sophia said, "Hey! Why don't we play a game?"
Everyone had their own idea of what game we should play, but it was Tempest who actually introduced the idea of “Truth or Dare”.

For some reason, when Tempest said, “Let's play truth or dare, everyone started staring at one another, smiling and looking toward me. I noticed their strange behavior but I easily dismissed it and prepared to play the game.

Right before the game began, David excused himself and went to the restroom. We had been playing for about 5 minutes and I'd forgotten that David was still in the back.

Thus far, Darius had dared Steven and convinced him to drink an entire bottle of hot sauce. The game was going really smoothly.

Everyone had chosen to carry-out a “dare” rather than tell a secret truth, so when it was my time, I chose to be dared also.

Lazell was the person to dare me, saying “I dare you to go to in Ashley's room, turn out all of the lights and stay in the dark closet for five minutes.

Although, I was known for being a “chicken” and afraid of many things, I thought that Lazell's dare was ridiculously easy.

Truth or Dare Stories scared guy
(Photo from giarose)
I quickly agreed and headed back to the room. When I got to the back, I turned out the lights and opened the closet door.

As soon as the door flung open, I saw someone standing there with a grotesque mask and a hammer.

I took off running as fast as I could.

I darted through the living room, past my friends and out the front door.

All I could say was “Run you guys!”

Once I made it out of the front door and realized that no one was following behind me, I knew that I'd been tricked.

I walked back into the house to see all of my friends laughing at me while David stood there with the mask and the hammer in his hand. David had changed closed and everything!

I soon figured out what had happened and that David was in the back room changing clothes and hiding in the closet. Everyone had set me up!

At first I was a bit upset and embarrassed. Then, I couldn't do much but laugh. They'd all tricked me really good.

What was worse, Darius had been video recording me when I ran through the living room yelling like a madwoman.

Lazell explained that they'd decided to trick me for Halloween and that it was all Nomie's idea.

I'd tricked Nomie last year and this was her revenge. I must admit, it was a great plan.

To this day, I will never go into a dark closet by myself again, even if I'm dared.

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Scary Truth or Dare Story - The Haunted Alley

(Photo from la vaca vegetariana)

Shortly after my grandmother passed away, we went to stay with my grandfather in Brooklyn, New York, to keep him company.

My cousins, Johnny, Tommy, and Ritchie all lived across the street and we would spend the nights on the dark back porch telling ghost stories.

My sister Peggy was the best story teller so she would sit with her back to the dark yard and tell the scariest stories.

Well, my cousin, Tommy, got bored with this and decided to play a game of truth or dare.

I was the baby, only nine, so they decided to pick on me. "Ok, Patti, truth or dare?"

Of course I’m not telling any secrets, so, ha, "Dare."

"We dare you to go to the front porch and check on Papa."

Oh, that sounds easy enough, right?

WRONG! Papa had just painted the front porch so the only way to get to him was through the alley.

The alley was long, dark, and cold. I gathered up my courage and started down the alley toward the door. It seemed so far away and it was so very quiet in there.

At first I chickened out and ran back to the safety of my sister.

"I don't want to do this!"

"You have to, you picked dare."

I started to cry and asked for a flashlight, "Nope, no flashlight."

They tried to tell me to watch out for ghosts, nice, huh?

They gave me a jar of fireflies. Now anyone who has seen a firefly knows they don't really light your way. I put on a brave face, stuck the jar out ahead of me and started down once again.

My heart was pounding and I slowly got closer and closer to the door. I started to breathe a little easier as I neared the door.

Suddenly the door swung open and a large man was standing in my way!

"WHOOOOO" I screamed and ran as fast as I could back to the safety of my family.

With everyone laughing at me, I looked up and it was PAPA!

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I Can't Believe You Fell For That

Story of a girl possessed by a Demon!

Story of a girl possessed by a Demon!

(Photo from Sarah G...)

Well, I have to say this didn't happen in a sleepover or a Halloween party, but it was a get together kind of thing, we had it planned with 2 other girls, the house owners.

Everything starts like this we say that the light bulb just broke down and that we are gonna replace it as soon as it gets dark, then one of the girls starts talking about dreaming about somebody inside her bedroom and on top of her like a shadow, kinda a scary nightmare with a ghost.

Everybody sits down to watch a movie in the lowest volume and she acts like she fell asleep and starts dreaming, we had an ALKA-SELTZER close and she throws herself to the ground and starts acting like she has been possessed by a demon!

Another guy (me) acts like is trying to tight her up and spell the demon out of her and the other girl acts like she is completely freaked out about it yelling scared hugging everybody.

It was so hard not to laugh with all the people at the house that day, and everybody was laughing and having a great time after the "possessed" girl said:


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