The Creeper Game with a Background Story

by Jason Walters
(Shreveport, LA, United States )

(Photo from Becky Wetherington)

Ever get that feeling someone is watching you? Ever feel like someone is there when your alone? Legend has it that there was a man that goes by the name the Creeper who lived not that far from here.

He was known for taking little girls and boys, people who have seen him say he comes out at the darkest night and is always lingering around backyards and alleyways.

One day the town mayor's sons went missing, the next morning his body was found instantly warrants were posted all over town and the next day the "creeper" was brought into jail and convicted to killing the 8 year old boy.

After lack of evidence in court, the outraged killer was released to the public and still to this day Creeper has not showed his face. Some people say they have spotted him out in the dark parts of town lingering again, looking to take any kid who he spots.

The object of the story is to have the kids scared before the game, you can make up your own.
The game goes like this, you challenge 2 kids to go inside your "attic" What they have to do is sit up there for five minutes in the dark "attic closed".

You can give them a flashlight but make sure there are no batteries in it!!! :)

You can also take the further step and have someone up there to scare them or even set up at radio to play scary sounds Whatever to kids can stand the ten minutes in the attic with "creeper" receives a prize!

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