Christian Christmas Games for Children

A group of little kids at a Christmas party(Photo from Bobolink)

Being a leader in the Christian youth group is one of the most rewarding things that a kid can achieve. This becomes more rewarding during Christmas time, when all the church activities are happening one after the other.

From the church's Christmas party, the youth group's very own holiday celebration and even your Christmas outreach are some of the things that can keep you busy during this holiday season. It is also at times like these that your knowledge of Christian Christmas games will be tested.

Christmas Trivia

  • Divide your youth group into six teams consisting of six to seven members.

Christmas Trivia Game
  • Hand out a piece of trivia questions from the Bible about the birth of Jesus and the significant events that happened at the time.
  • This is a best way of getting the youth or parents informed about the many facts about Christmas that always go ignored such as: "What was the first name of Christmas" "What does the Bible tell Christmas should be observed on?" "Is Christmas stated in the New Testament's last book?" "Where was the earliest Christmas observed as what the Gospels say?" "In what place the three Wise Men came from?" "What was the significance of the presents that Jesus received?" "What were the different presents that Jesus received?"
  • A one point is given to the team if they get a correct answer.
  • The group who gets the highest points wins the game.

Christmas Charades

  • Form teams consisting of 4 to 5 members.
  • In each of the team, select a volunteer for every guessing round.
  • Every volunteer will be requested to go to the game host.
  • The game host will be responsible for giving a word or phrase that is connected to Christmas.
  • The volunteers will then go back to their respective groups and will start letting their group to guess the word without speaking.
  • They can only use gestures and signs during this period.
  • Every correct guess gains the team a point. The first team to gain 10 points will be proclaimed the winner.

Pass the Parcel

  • Choose this from your list of christian Christmas games to play with kids who are captivated by the idea of unwrapping a gift.
  • Form a circle with your group and sit down.
  • Have all the members pass all around a wrapped package.
  • The package must be a gift and it should be wrapped in about 20 layers and more.
Children Playing Pass the Parcel(Photo from goforchris)
  • Each of the layers must have an extra small surprise or present.
  • It would be best to play some background music specifically Christmas songs such as The Twelve Days of Christmas or Jingle Bells while the gift is passed around.
  • At the time the music is paused, the one who is holding the gift will have the chance to uncover a layer of the wrapping and keep what he or she found.
  • That last one to hold to parcel will be the recipient of the best gift.
  • You can also opt to inject some discussion or a Bible verse every time one unwrapped a gift.
  • You can also ask the players to share their feelings, particularly about Christmas.
  • Christmas is a season for joy, laughter and sharing. Add these Christian Christmas games and you'll definitely get one holiday season that kids will never forget.

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