Need to Relax Everyone with Christian Ice Breaker Games?

Fire in the Ice(Photo from rmalinger)

Christian ice breaker games are the usual solution to the sleepy moments in a religious gathering or any other outdoor and indoor events.

It is an ice breaker that is good enough to run for less than 15 minutes each. These Christian ice breaker games require a lot of energy. With all this action, you will forget about tiredness right away! Games like this can be played regardless of the age.

Word Roll

  • It is a group ice breaker game that can be played by a group with not more than 12 members.

Blank Dice With Stickers
  • To get things started, get a box or any square-shaped wood which could be used a die and write the words Cry, Adventure, Fear, Hope, Play and Trust.
  • This game requires the player to think quickly because when he or she rolls the die, he or she is expected to construct a sentence using the word he got. For example, if the die displays the word Trust, then player could then say, "Trust the one you love."
  • There is also another version of this game wherein different words are used like Exotic, Gruesome, Outrageous, Gorgeous and Painful.
  • Using two dice with different words written on it, which will make the game more challenging to the players.

School Days

  • It is one of the most played Christian game by high school students.
  • In this game, they are required to make a basket of school supplies.
Stationary items for the game(Photo from fhisa)
  • The game starts by letting the players choose an item from a basket and let them explain why they chose it and what memories they could attach to it.
  • The items could be a pair of scissors, shoes, crayons, colored pens, colored pencils, papers, lunch box, erasers as well as sharpeners and other school items that students have.
  • There is no winner in this game as the goal of this one is just sharing things that they have experienced in life.
  • Christian ice breaker games like this is for getting to know your peers and forming a lasting bond with both new and old friends.

The Draw It

  • This is an ice breaker game where players will be occupied by guessing the item being drawn.
  • This game could be played individually or by groups.
  • There will be a host who will show the drawing to the players and let them guess before the timer ends.
  • The items to be drawn should be about Christian values, something from the Bible or anything that is related to the Christian faith.
  • Drawings could be animals, person, objects, and other past events that can be a bit challenging to guess.
  • The team or the player who gets the highest points or the most drawing guessed will be declared as the winner.
  • For this game, it is not allowed to do any gestures or actions that will give the players clues on what the drawing is.

Christian ice breaker games while merely a modification of regular games, these kinds of games are actually effective in bring friends together and allowing them to create a unique bond with them and God.

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