Looking for Christian Games for Teens?

A group of Christian teenagers at a party

Christian games for teens are on the scarce side nowadays. The difficulty in finding them may be due to the fact that these type of games are usually done only insider classrooms or Bible study sessions.

However, pastors are still working hard to develop these games to pick up the interest of kids to know more about the Bible. Most of these games are actually modified version of regular games so that kids can easily understand and play them.

Bible Trivia

  • It is one of the oldest games the teens play during church gatherings and other religious activities.

Bible Trivia Board Game
  • There are actually different ways on how to play it - by teams or singles.
  • Buzzers are needed when playing this game.
  • You do have the option to play it as Bible bowl or play it as a board game.
  • Trivias can include events or people mentioned in the Bible, the church's history, religious people and other related facts.
  • It would be good to give trivias that would add new knowledge to the player's understanding of the church and the Bible.
  • I believe that this kind of Christian game is the most entertaining and the most educational among those that are out there, as there are many facts shared within the game.

Board Games

  • Bibleopoly is a Monopoly-based game that's perfect for those teens who are familiar with the classic boardgame.
  • There are still a lot of board and card games for teens like Scattergories, Outburst and Guesstures which could be played by singles or by teams.

Card Games

Bible Big Deal Mad Gab Card Game
  • A lot of cards will be needed to play this game. They can either be bought from stores or made in order to lower down expenses. Or they can look for cartons and papers which will be hard enough to be a card or board. For the content of the boards and cards, players can refer to the internet and make their own.


  • It is a guessing game wherein only gestures are seen by the guessers and there will be no other clues about the answers.
  • This game could be played by two teams or more.
  • A timer is needed so that a player will not guess just one word during the whole day, plus it makes the game more exciting if the guesser is pressured by a time limit.
  • Since this is a Christian game for teens, most of the words should be from the Bible and all about Christian values.
  • This game can actually be done as an ice breaker in classes or workshops.
  • The acting skills of the players will definitely be tested with this game.
  • The game requires a lot of energy as it is expected to bring a lot of screaming and laughter as the teams race to correctly guess the words.
  • In this game, the host must be an attentive listener so that he can fgure out if the answer has been said or not.
  • The team that correctly guessed more will be declared the winner.
  • Christian games for teens are more recommended than those addicting online games and other hobbies that gives nothing beneficial for them. With these kinds of games, they will be more closer to God and develop their relationship with Him.

More Christian Games for Teens

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