Looking for some entertaining Christian Kids Games?

Kids Game for Parties(Photo from Julio Enriquez)

Christians kids games are usually seen in church activities, kiddie parties, and other Christian-related outdoor events.

Games like this could be played in groups, either small or large ones.

It is also suited to be played individually. Most of the games are variations of the regular games kids love to play.

The Aardvark Relay

  • This is a good example of a Christian kids game that can be played with a small group.
Sucking peas from straw(Photo from micknfranzie)
  • This game requires empty containers that should be placed at the end of the play area.
  • The player needs to pour dry peas on each container and see to it that there will be an equal amount of peas in every container.
  • Each member of the team will then be provided with straws.
  • The game will start by sucking the pea using the straw and pass it to the straw of the next player and so on.
  • If a pea falls, it should be picked using the straw only.
  • The group that was able to pickup the most number of peas wins the game.

Bible Jeopardy

  • For those looking for a more challenging game, you should play the board game Bible Jeopardy.
  • If players could not find any white board, they can use a clean paper wherein grids will be drawn, the top row will be 100, middle row is 200 and bottom row will be 300.
  • Using the 100 top rows, different categories will be written like, "Biblical or Religious Characters" or even the books found on the Bible.
  • Provide answers for each box in the top row and then let the players think of what will be the question.
  • This game could be played in 4 teams or a minimum of two players.
  • Assigning noises to every team or player that will serve as their buzzers will add more fun to the game.
  • If the team is able to give the correct question for the answer, they will be given points.
  • The team or player who has the highest number of points will be declared as the winner and will get a reward.

Desert Venture

  • An Israelite adventure known as Desert Venture is one of the adventurous and interesting Christian kids games.
Moses, from the Ten CommandmentsMoses, from the Ten Commandments
(Photo from Ivy Nichols)
  • This is a 20-minute game that could be played by kids 6 to 12 years of age.
  • The game mostly concentrates about Moses.
  • 30 questions will be needed which can be either false or true.
  • The players will make a line 8 feet away from the host. Use a masking tape to denote the starting line or the boundary.
  • The children will answer by raising their hands which means the question is right and if they think that the question is wrong, they may not raise their hands.
  • Players who can respond to the question right will take one step forward and for those who have wrong responds, they will take one step backward.
  • The game will continue until all questions are asked or if a player will reach the spot near the host.

Christian kids games are the best substitute for other games that are not providing good effects to the children or those games that are addictive.

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