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Keeping the lesson plans for Christian teaching new and interesting for youth groups can be an intimidating job. But, you can always keep the kids' interest alive by employing games and activities that will let them be actively involved in your lessons.

There are several easy games that is sure to complement your lessons, most of which can be modified to suit a more Christian instruction with just a little imagination and planning.

Spin the Bible

  • This game is a variation of the traditional game Spin the Bottle. Obviously, it is played without the kissing.
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  • This game is good to play in teams of not more than 12 people. However, this game can also be played in double circles for teams that are bigger in number.
  • Let the group sit on the floor forming a circle.
  • Hook up an arrow into the Bible's cover and rotate it once every turn.
  • Whoever among of the group the arrow points to should directly get the Bible and go to a verse of a testament and read it aloud to the team. This must be done quickly with no time to guess or delve through the passages.
  • When the student finished reading the passage, he must then speak to the group on what is the meaning of passage he read according to how he understood and how he will practice it to a real situation.
  • After that, it could be his or her turn to spin the Bible.
  • In cases that a student will be selected twice and there are still other members who are not yet selected, he or she can point to anyone among the group and ask them to read and explain a passage.
  • It is best to use smaller Bibles for they are easy to spin.


  • Among of the Christian youth games, the Lifeboat game will surely interest you.
  • It typically yields various results depending on the age of the members playing.
  • There will be 10 characters listed and will be introduced to the group.
  • The names will represent people like pastor, banker, a child aging 8 years, the president, a doctor who is almost to treat cancer, a woman bearing a child, a parent of five, a better criminal, a missionary and many more.
  • Every student must be a part of a group that consists of 10 members.
  • The person should now decide which of the five characters he or she will choose to join him or her in the lifeboat.
  • The answers will be passed out to the group leader.
  • The answer of the group is then added up and the most preferred five surviving characters would be revealed to the group.
  • A discussion will follow that centers on why each of the members selected the characters and if their decision made by the group is good or not.

Am I Famous?

A Christian youth game that highlights popular names attached at the subject's back. It can be altered to make use of Biblical characters.

  • Each and every participant will get a name attached on his or her shirts' back so everyone can see it.
  • The aim of the game is to let the players guess which character in the Bible they are.
  • This will be done through asking other players and attempting to recognize and understand the character attached at their back.
  • The questions that can only be asked are answerable only by "Yes or No."
  • This game guarantees to widen one's knowledge about characters on the Bible.

These Christian youth games do not only bring fun in any lesson, it is sure to make learning more enjoyable to students. This is a good way of learning the Bible without getting bored or sleepy.

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