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Combining learning and play together has been always challenging. This is especially true when the subject to be tackled is about the Bible.

However, some game developers still managed to incorporate lessons about God into their video games.

Let me introduce to you some of the most known Christian video games that centers on the popular teachings of the Christian faith.

Truth Seeker

From the Axys Adventures, Truth Seeker is an action-filled game for the computer that features amazing graphics and great Christian values. Here are some things about this game:

Axys Adventures
Truth Seeker
  • It is a winner of the 2007 Christian Video game of the Year award.
  • The story is a parable that talks about forgiveness and healing that occur in our lives when we open our hearts to God. It also speaks about the harm and disasters that happens when we let our enemy touch our hearts by accepting their lies.
  • The game is totally interactive and features an explorable world consisting of more than 80 areas.
  • This game features a unique combat system and level ups.
  • A wide array of masterminds and enemies will appear, which the player should defeat using his wit and tactics.
  • There are more than 21 tricky puzzles to unlock such as maze, box, platform, slider, switch, and memory puzzles.
  • Truth seeker is filled with 30 levels for the arena battle that are unlockable.
  • Six amusing mini-games are also offered for those who would like to be the highest scorer.
  • Fun Bible puzzles will also help you to be educated and inspired.
  • The engaging epic storyline dramatically unfolds as you go over the whole game.

The Rebel Planet Series

More adventures will be experienced if you play The Rebel Planet Series Orion. The story revolves around the years before the flood that made Noah popular, thousands of years went by wherein it is known to be virtually extinct.

This game highlights the rise and fall of the development of technology during that year. It also gives us a background on the things that happened before Noah and the world witness the Great Flood, which supposedly cleaned the world of unworthy human beings and other creation.

  • In this game, there will be seven enormous levels with a very large world to dig into as well as experiencing different quests, meeting villains and friends.
  • It also allow players to customize their own physical appearance, spirit, and psychological attributes on their own.

Bible Adventures
for Nintendo

Bible Adventures

Bible Adventures is one of the most known fun Christian video games. It contains stories from the Old Testament like Noah, Moses and David and Goliath.

This game was released in the year 1991 and until now, there are still a lot of people who play this game.

Fun Christian video games are indeed very entertaining for these games will usually let the players explore the world hundreds of years ago.

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