Looking for Fun Christian Party Games?

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Any occasion can include Christian party games. These kind of games are not only limited to church events, Sunday school and other Christian-related activities, but it also be done in a normal birthday party or even just an ordinary gathering. The lessons and entertainment that players will get from these games are enough reason to include this in the event you are planning.

Who Am I?

There are several Christian party games that only require a little planning to be played. They are called Make It Yourself games. The game "Who Am I" includes attaching and taping popular Biblical character names on the back part of every guest. In this game:

The players can only ask questions that are answerable by yes or.

Every guest gets his or her chance to guess which Bible character is attached to his or her back.

Another game idea is to fill up a plate with Christian party game "supplies" like a Bible, cross, dove, apple and a lot more.

Wrap the plate and put it on a table.

Let the guests take a look at the stuffs for two minutes and then refresh them.

The guests will try to remember as much stuffs as possible from the plate.

David and Goliath

Similar to the game Marbles, the game David and Goliath requires small stones in order to play it. This game is played by:

  • Tracing an area of 2x2 feet on a flat surface and an X mark in the center.
  • Put the biggest stone, labeled as G, in the center.
  • The players will have five small stones, each of the stones marked with one of the letters found in the name David.

    The aim of the players is to slide the small stones throughout the surface to make the Goliath stone totally out of the square.

Traditional Games

Traditional games with Christian subject can also be an option. The traditional game can be transformed to a Christian game.

Holy Spirit Says

The game Simon Says can be modified to become The Holy Spirit Says game.

  • Instead of the beanbag being used in Simon Says for tossing, it will be replaced with fish shaped bags and a straw basket to convey the parable of the fishes and loaves.
  • Put cut outs that are dove-shaped on the chairs and play modern Christian song for Musical Doves game.


Christian Charade game can also be enjoyed in parties by using categories only related to Christianity and Bible.

Read More Details for Christian Charade Game Here

Bible Word of God

Another party game idea is the Bible Word of God game. It is also known as the Pass the Holy Word game. This is a Christian game that is similar to the famous game "He Said, She Said."

  • The objective of the game is to provide the exact scripture to the first player, but there are much changes with this game by the end of it that will surely bring you fun.
  • If you are looking for ideas as to scripture, just simply visit scripture books and pages.
  • Choose a scripture that is slightly difficult.
  • Whisper it to the first player and then passed to the next player depending on his memory.
  • The last person then will speak the scripture out loud as what the player before him whispered.

Christian party games will help your shy guests get loose so that everyone in the party will have a good time. These games are sure to make any party more fun and worthwhile.

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