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The Holy Warior(Photo from Goosemouse)

Children should be educated with vital lessons about Christianity, it may be at Sunday school or at Church. For those looking for more resources to keep their child educated with these lessons, Christian games online are one way you should take advantage of.

These online games also comforts the worry of parents that their child might be exposed to explicit material while playing in the Internet. Games are usually free and some of them requires the latest Java or Flash Player plugin so that they can be played.

Armor Of God

The Armor of God
  • An action game that is rendered in 2D and centers on themes from the that can be used to defeat evil. The Armor of God is composed of six components, which includes the belt of truthfulness and the shield of trust. The mission of the player is to look for all of the six components.
  • To achieve the goal, the players takes on the role of a hero who rides a chariot.
  • The hero can be manipulated through the arrow keys of the keyboard.
  • In one of those Christian games online, the player goes up and down to accumulate each of the parts of the Armor as it comes into view in the game screen.
  • The player will be given with a prize of 100 points as the level ends. Bonus points will be given for collecting a complete set of six components.
  • In the upper right-hand portion of the screen, the player can view the amount of all the components he collected.
  • The game is composed of three levels and each level features its unique difficulties that the player must pass through.
  • The player should drive his chariot afar from the obstacles or else he may lose a one life out of three.

Bible Words

  • This is a game that involves searching of words.
  • The theme is about different Bible stories and characters.
  • Players will need to find the words on the presented puzzle on the screen.
  • They should also refrain from clicking on the wrong words for they only have three chances.
  • To make it more challenging, the game has a limited time. Players are given 60 seconds to finish the game. If not, then the game is over.

Noah's Ark Match -Up

Noah's Ark(Photo from father_tymme)
  • Here is another good choice from Christian games online. This game tells the story of Noah and the animal pairs he took with him in his ark.
  • The players will click on the boxes on the game screen to show off the animal hidden below it.
  • The animals featured in the game are elephants, meerkats, and spiders.
  • The player needs to look for the partner of the animal somewhere else on the screen.
  • The boxes will be gone once you matched the pair correctly.
  • After the game, the player can then see the illustration behind the puzzle, which comes with a Bible verse.

Enlighten your children about Christian values by engaging them on playing Christian online games. It is good to let children understand God's story and other Bible stories early on so that they will learn the importance of religion and their faith in God. These games are easily access and are available to anyone who has a computer with an Internet connection.

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