Looking for entertaining Christian Bridal Shower Games?

Girl collecting gifts at her bridal shower party(Photo from georgia.kral)

Usually, before the getting married, bridal shower happens. Having a bridal shower is actually a tradition that the host will not be related to the bride. But then, as the generation evolves, bride's relatives are now allowed to be included or to become the host of the bridal shower where Christian bridal shower games are also present.

The Bible Sweethearts

  • It is one of the best Christian games to be done during Bridal showers.
  • Throughout the whole game, everything will be based in the Bible. The purpose of the game is to pair the name of the men to their loved ones.
  • Papers are needed and those are to be given to the guests. In every paper, the names of men found on the Bible will be listed as well as the names of their partners.
  • As the game goes, the player or guest who has the guesses the most number of correct matches will be declared as the winner.
  • This game will also test players on how great their Biblical knowledge is.

Guess It, Sing

  • This game is perfect for groups who like to share their love for Christian music even in a bridal shower.
  • It would be best if the songs used were those favorite Christian songs of the future bride.
  • Look for CDs or cassette tapes that could be used during the game.
  • Before the game starts, all the songs will be assigned with a corresponding numbers.
  • Then, every player will choose a number in the list. After picking up a number, the corresponding song will be played.
  • While the song is playing, the player will then guess the title of the song and sing a line of the song to get a point.
  • After all number has been picked, the player with the highest points will get a reward.

Pin the Bouquet

  • Probably the best game to get a bridal shower started.
  • The things needed are a real-life size drawing of the bride and place it on a wall or on the door. Also include drawing of the accessories like the garb, flower, as well as the jewelries in different papers.
  • Players will each be given a piece of the drawn accessories.
  • With blindfolds on their eyes, players will put those cut outs on the real life-sized bride drawing on the wall.
  • The player who will be able to place the cut out correctly will be declared as the winner.

Christian Bridal Shower games are not that common, but it is a breathe of fresh air when brides prefer to hold one instead of the normal wild bridal shower. The best thing about these games is that even though the participants are playing, they will be able to pick up some lessons coming from the Bible or things from Christian values.

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