Looking for Christian Games for Kids That Will Keep Your Child Entertained?

Little kids playing Christian games(Photo from Elen Schurova)

Kids are fond of playing games and they even have the greatest archive of them in their mind. These games can be modified to become Christian games for kids.

The use of these familiar games will make every Christian lesson less boring for them and more exciting, thus making them more excited to attend and participate in every class or session.

Bible Jeopardy

One of the Christian games for kids that you can enjoy playing is the Bible Jeopardy. In this game, you need to create a grid consisting three spaces going down and four spaces going across.

  • Mark each of the boxes with corresponding points.
  • Write 100 in the top row boxes, 200 in the middle row boxes, and 300 in the bottom row boxes.
  • Write a category for every point level. Some of the options could be Biblical Characters and Books of the Bible.
  • Provide an answer for each and every box.
  • If it is played in Sunday school, divide the class into teams. If it is played at home, at least two children are needed.
  • Assign each team a sound or something that will make noise. Animal noises could be fun. The team to ring first will be the one to guess the question.
  • If they give the correct answer, they will earn the points for it. However, if they give the wrong one, they will be deducted with the corresponding number of points.
  • Let the children decide the number of points that they are going to bet.
  • The kid or the team that has the higher points will be declared as the winner.

Second Chance Musical Chairs

  • This Christian game for kids is based on the classic game musical chairs.
  • Form a circle of chairs and its numbers should be one less of the number of players.
  • Christian songs will be played while the players dance around the chairs.
  • When the music stops, the children will compete to sit down on the chairs. 
  • The one who will not be able to find a chair will be removed from the game.
  • The player who was removed from the game will be asked to recite a Bible verse. If he was able to do so, he can rejoin the game.
  • The main purpose of this game is to teach the kids a lesson about second chances.
  • This game is best for parties and other children-related events.

Bible Tag

For a Christian game for kids focused on learning Bible Verses, Bible Tag is recommended. This is an outdoor game in which:

Young girl reciting Bible(Photo from kirinqueen)
  • One of the kids will play as the "it".
  • The rest will be given 10 seconds for head start and the "it" will attempt to tag them.
  • If a kid has been tagged, he needs to tell as Bible verse and if the child fails to recite one, he will be the new "it".
  • Aside from Bible verses, Bible stories could include in the game.

This is actually a mind or memory game that will really enhance the memory of children.

Some kids view Christian lessons as intimidating and are only taught in a serious manner. They will be surprised how fun learning is while playing Christian games for kids. This innocent fun may well lead to a lasting relationship with God.

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