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Jigsaw Puzzle based on Christianity
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Christian-themed puzzles, word games, and interactive online games are great tools for children to be engaged in learning while having fun. These games are perfect to introduce children to the lessons brought about by the different stories found throughout the Bible.

For those parents or educators who are looking for such games, a number of websites provide free Christian games online. Here are some of the resources that can be found on the Internet:

Big Light Games

One of the websites where you can play free Christian games is the Big Light Games.

  • This site features a lot of games that are interactive and child-friendly.
  • The kids can play games on any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Big Light Games offers a section for Christian-themed. The following are what can be found in the site:
  1. Noah's Memory Mix-up is a game in card memory that lets kids to match the Noah's Ark animals to its pair.

  2. Old Testament is an online word search game.
  • The featured Big Light Games are composed of categories like Bible Games for Christians, Adventure Games for Christians, Action Games for Christians, Sports Games for Christians, Racing Games for Christians, Puzzle Games for Christians, Learning Games for Christians and Strategy Games for Christians.

Bible Word Games for Kids

  • This site offers games like crossword puzzles and printable word find that are made for kids. You may download all of the pictures and have them printed as many copies as needed whenever you want to.
  • Topics of the games include Adam and Eve, The Coming Back of Jesus Christ, Nativity of Jesus, animals and plants in the Bible, Characters in the Book of Acts, Noah's Ark and The Genesis Book.
  • The site offers games such as circle-a-word, Bible quiz and trivia, crosswords, Hangman guessing game and a lot more of family online games.

Cross Daily

Another site for free Christian games, Cross Daily provides family-oriented and Christian-themed trivia games.

  • Kids can learn and at the same time enjoy from trivia games like the Bible Challenge, General Bible Trivia and Who Wants To Be A Saintly Millionaire?
  • This game site also offers a word search game for free wherein the kids can rearrange the words as many times as they want for them to play again and again.
  • The game Bible Ball has thousand of questions and is available in different levels of difficulty.
  • A Bible Jeopardy game has dozens of categories and thousands of Bible trivia questions that will surely give you house of Bible knowledge.
  • Saintly Millionaire game is based on a famous game show. It will take you to answer 15 questions and if you miss one, you're out of the game. You have three lives to help you all the way.
  • Signing up to the site for free is required to play several of the trivia games.


  • Kids can also play games that are interactive and Christian themed on this website. The site games include word finding, hangman games, and word jumbles.
  • Trivia games that can be found here include Bible Battleship, Bible Jeopardy, and Bible Millionaire. Among of their games that need matching and ordering are the Creation, Ten Commandments, and Apostle, King or Prophet.

Kids will surely enjoy these free Christian games. A perfect way to have fun while learning, these games also helps keep your faith alive!

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