Religious Party Games

When spending time in a youth group, you will have the most fruitful time with religious party games.

Kids playing game while holding hands in circle
(Photo courtesy of FirstBaptistNashville)

The games are independent from which religion the group playing has. Nevertheless, many religions share the same prophets and principles, making these religious party games applicable to a multitude of audiences.

The main idea of any party is to bring the individuals together in a manner that will make the event positively memorable for all. To help you with the planning and preparations, you can use one of the religious party games to start off your party.

Dynamic Duos

Many religious stories involve two colorful characters, for example: Cain and Abel, Ruth and Naomi, Peter and John, Mary and Joseph. On separate pieces of paper write the names of duos and give each guest a name card. Instruct the players to mingle and find their partner to create a dynamic duo. The game could be elaborated into a quiz of what book, Old or New Testament the characters are prominent.

Lazarus Race

This is a team event, with one member as Lazarus and the others his attendants. This game is played in two parts. The goal of Part One is to be the first team to completely wrap their Lazarus with a roll of toilet paper. After all the Lazaruses are completely wrapped, they must stand still until the facilitator calls “Lazarus, come forth!” The first Lazarus free of their paper bindings is the winner of Part Two.

This game can be played many times allowing different guests to be Lazarus or an attendant, and as long as supplies last.

Freeze Alert

One person is blindfolded and faces the other guests, 15 to 20 feet away. A facilitator is designated to direct one player at a time to move quietly toward the blindfolded person. The blindfolded person listens for the approaching player to detect their movement, and that player must freeze in place when they are pointed at by the blindfolded person. Play continues until one of the players successfully tags the blindfolded person or all are frozen.

This game can lead into discussions about how it felt for the player to be blind. There are many religious stories about wondrous healing of blindness the group could talk about afterwards.

Water from the Well

Kids playing game at a party
(Photo courtesy of FirstBaptistNashville)

This game is ideal for an outdoor party. Set up pairs of buckets, 10 feet apart, one full of water and the other empty. Divide guests into teams of equal numbers. The goal is to transfer as much water from the filled bucket to the empty bucket, one player at a time. The players are given a cup or small pail to fill at the filled bucket and then transfer to the other bucket, carrying the pail or cup on their head. Use of hands is permitted at filling and emptying their carrying vessel only. After a designated time, measure the level of water in the destination bucket and continue play to determine the winner of this game.

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