Church Party Games

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Church parties make you think about boring events full of old folks? Think again! These church party games will bring the youth back to the congregation.

Spice up the parties at your local community! Make them fun while still instilling moral value to the youth. Since all young people love games, why not implement some fun church party games to bring the different generations back together?

The games are also great for…

  • children's service or Sunday school
  • confirmation classes

Are you a youth leader or involved in affairs of the church? Then this webpage will be very helpful to you. As with all parties, first warm your guests up: ice breaker games loosen up the guests.

Whom am I

The simplicity of this game makes it perfect for your party. Play it right when your guests arrive.

Each guest is given a card which has the name of a bible character (e.g. Abraham) on it. Pin the card on their breast pockets. Each player waits his turn.The point of the game is that the guests are not supposed to see what name is written on their card. He has to move around and ask the others what is written on his card.After being told of his character, he can try telling the other party guests who they are by telling a biblical story about himself. Have him pantomime the story if it is to easy!

This fun church party game is great to get the guests to know each other. You also can have some spiritual debates about the stories afterwards.

Truth or Lie

This is one of those church party games that make you think a little more.

In Truth or Lie, you select three players from the guests at your church party. Each player gets a card.

  • Two of the cards have the word “Truth” written on them
  • The last of the card shows “Lie”

This is kept secret among the players. When you start the game, everyone can ask the three players questions to events in the bible. One of the players holding the truth card has to say the correct answer to the question while the one holding the lie card tries to give a wrong answer.

The catch of this game:

Ask questions about controversial events in the Bible!

  • This gives the player holding the “Lie” card a better chance to “lie”.
  • At the same time, it is a fun way to learn about the bible.
  • You also train critical thinking and making decision playfully!

All in all, this game playfully teaches you a great deal about each other and the spiritual texts. It's ideal for confirmation classes.

Know-Your-Verses Race

As the last of the presented church party games suggests, its main theme is the knowledge of various bible verses.

You'll need some preparation before playing this game...

  • Print out single verses from the bible.
  • Cut some words in order to leave a blank space in the verse. Keep the cut out words on a separate pile.
  • Cut out each separate verse and gather them.

Place the cards (or sniplets) with the verses one a table and the missing answers on another. Mix each pile up to make the puzzle pieces harder to find.

Divide the group into teams of two. Each team will pick a sniplet, and read its contents. They will then have to go to the other table across the room to find the answers to fill in the blanks.

The team that takes the least time in finding the answers to their questions wins the game. Therefore, speed and teamwork is important in this game.These church party games can lighten up any event that might else get too serious. They are simple and require no costly resources.

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