Want to play girl games at your party?

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Girls can relax, let their hair down, and play girl games best at girls’ birthday parties and sleepovers which are usually about 18 hours of nonstop fun.

In order for a birthday party, a sleepover, or an overnight get-together of any kind to be the most fun and memorable experience it can possibly be, a simple plan needs to be in place.

Karaoke dance party

Once the young ladies have filled up on pizza and sugary desserts, it is time to start to play girl games. A karaoke dance party is a great start to an evening full of fun and excitement, and can be done in a variety of ways.

A little karaoke will allow party-goers to show off their dancing and singing skills and help everyone in attendance to put their guards down and get ready for a night free of being judged or criticized.

It’s a good idea to let everyone at the party have a chance to sing a song or two, with the ladies who are the most comfortable and anxious to take the microphone getting some more turns after the first few rounds.

MASH and cootie catcher

Cootie Catcher
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Some simple and fun teenage birthday party games that reveal a lot about a person’s thoughts and wishes are MASH and cootie catcher. Both games involve gathering in a circle at a table or on the floor with a few sheets of paper and a pencil. The game MASH is meant to be a glimpse into a young woman's future, where the participant gets to choose three possible marriage partners, cars, and jobs. A drawer then removes two options from each category until it becomes clear who each person will marry, what kind of car they will drive, what job they will have, and where they will live.

A cootie catcher is a piece of origami on which secrets and predictions have been written and then hidden behind numbers or letters. Participants chose a number or letter which than leads them to a fate such as, ‘you will be very rich someday.’

Truth or Dare

Girls in Angel and Devil Costumes

As midnight grows closer, teenage birthday party games tend to get a little more revealing and involved when they play girl games. After having bonded over the course of several activities and several hours, girls may want to curl up in their sleeping bags and share information about life.

The game of Truth or Dare is an old classic that is still played regularly on the carpets of living rooms all over the nation on any given Friday or Saturday night. The Truth or Dare rules are simple and straightforward. Everyone takes turns being asked the question, ‘truth or dare?’ From there, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Choosing a dare will likely put a person in a position of having to do something they normally would not, such as taking a bite out of an onion or ringing the next-door-neighbor’s doorbell in the middle of the night. If a person chooses the truth option, they will likely be asked to reveal a personal secret about themselves, such as if they have ever kissed anyone.

Scary party game: Ouija board

For partygoers who want to play girl games that are a bit more daring and scary, a Ouija board is sure to get pulses racing and arm hairs standing on end.

The idea of the board is that by combining the spiritual forces of everyone in the room, some type of spirit can be channeled that will spell out its thoughts through the board, which has every letter of the alphabet and a few words written on it.

Be careful, because if things get too intense you’ll be sleeping with every light in the entire house on.

And don't forget...

All girl games can of course also be played with mixed groups! However, they are most popular and "in" with girls-only-groups. 

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