Having a great time with pool party games!

Playing pool party games is the number one reason why everybody loves swimming pools, the beach, hot tubs and whirlpools so much! You can swim and exercise your body or soak in the water and relax your mind. But even more fun are great games to play with all your friends!

The most common and popular games you may want to play when it’s warm and you enjoy the water:

underwater grimasses good looking men
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  • Play a game of tag - in the water!
  • Throw a cent into the shallow end of the pool. Whoever gets it first by diving gets a prize!
  • Pairs dive underwater. Then they try to make the other one laugh (grimace, tickle…!). Last person who stays underwater wins.
  • You can take another person on your shoulders in about shoulder deep water. Make contents 2 vs 2. Then the “riders” at the top try to make each other fall.

    » You can make real contests out of those play battles.
underwater breath holding contest
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  • Play volleyball with a beach ball: just try to pass the ball to each other without it touching the water.
  • Make a contest of who can hold their breath longer under water.
  • Dive under water with another person. Then, try shouting and screaming a short sentence while staying underwater. The other person has to guess what you meant. Go up before the air goes out!

Relaxing after the pool party games

When playing pool party games, you either wear little clothing or a swimming suit. You are already relaxed and had a lot of fun. Just casually introduce the next game to the group.

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Before you start playing Truth or Dare in the water, there are many other fun activities which will warm up your friends to the game:

  • Try tickling each other
  • Massage each other with lotion or sun oil outside of the water
  • Group together sitting in shallow water. Put your legs together and try finding out which leg belongs to whom without looking
  • Drinking drinks while sitting in the water
  • Eating or feeding each other pieces fresh fruit

Playing Truth or Dare in the pool or hot tub

All ideas for pool party games you can find here can easily be adapted to be played in a hot tub!

hot girls playing pool party games in the hot tub(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

If you choose to play Truth or Dare when in a pool or a hot tub most dares and activities easily turn to more sensual experiences and a lot of exposed skin.

Here are some dares you can use after you finish playing your pool party games:

  • Put on the swimsuit of another person!

    Harder dare: It has to be from the other sex.

    Even harder dare: Put the swimsuit not where it belongs (think along the lines of a bra on the head!)
  • Give the person next to you a kiss on the cheek. Pass the kiss around until it reaches you again.

    Harder dare: Kiss anywhere else than on the cheek.
  • Go skinny dipping with a member of the opposite sex! Either in a hot tub or a pool, or even in a shower!
  • When you are swimming in a public pool, you have to jump in the deep end and loose your swimsuit!

    Harder dare: You need to get out of the water and pretend nothing happened.

    Even harder dare: Keep pretending and continue playing pool party games until someone points it out. Then act surprised!
  • Behave as if you were swimming underwater for the next 10 minutes (or 10 rounds).
  • If you are wearing a white shirt or top: have another player soak your chest by splashing water on you! Remain like that for 5 minutes (or 5 turns)

    Harder dare: You may not wear anything beneath this shirt!
  • You have to get out of your clothes and get showered by another player! If there is no water available, he must pretend to do it. Get dressed again.

    Harder dare: …without drying yourself off!
Getting cold shower
(Photo from boltron-)
  • Take a cold shower for 5-10 seconds!

    Harder dare: You must be standing completely under the water.
  • Take your shirt off and hold it under a cold shower for a minute. Put it back on and continue playing!
  • Lose your bathing suit under water or on a water slide.

    Harder dare: You need to get out of the water and pretend nothing happened.
  • Take a shower! But not with water, but with ketchup, mayonnaise and baked beans! (This one is messy, but will be an epic sight to see!)
  • Someone has to pour water on you – no matter if you are dressed or not. You may not dry yourself!
  • Have someone pour a glass of cold water down your pants!

    Harder dare:
    They can choose if they pour it in the front or the back!
  • Fill up some water balloons (decide the number with a dice throw!) and put them in your underwear. You need to hump another player (or a wall) until all balloons pop!
Cold bathing with ice-cubes in bathtub
(Photo from ActiveSteve)
  • Prepare a bathtub filled with water and ice and try to remain as long as possible in the cold water!

    Harder dare: You must be go in even if you are still wearing clothes!
  • Wash another player in a shower (or pretend to do so).

    Harder dare: The other player may choose to strip if he wants to.
  • You have to be fixated (e.g. bound to a tree) and be sprayed with the water hose. If it too cold outside you have to get into the shower while wearing your clothes and take a cold shower for five minutes.

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