Preparing For The Best Type Of Party

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A few months ago my husband and I found out we were blessed with a baby. I am currently seven months pregnant and wanting to spread the news even further so we are preparing for a baby shower. A baby shower is a party that will celebrate our little miracle with our friends and families.

We will also get certain things that we need for our baby boy when he is finally here which will end up saving us a great deal of money if we do not have to buy it all. We have discussed the theme which will be a jungle theme so we have begun our search for cheap party supplies of that particular theme.

Some of the cheap party supplies we are looking for are table clothes, games, invitations, decorations, and anything else that we decide we need for the baby shower. There will be about 50 people there since both have a big family and many close friends that is why it is important we are finding the proper cheap party supplies.

We are having a party to in the end save money not spend a large amount of money on the baby shower. Our biggest expense besides the food is going to be the baby shower invitations. The baby shower invitations are going to be done professionally since we do not have the time to do them ourselves and it is something we are always going to have.

We want to look back at this invitation and remember great memories when we look in the memory book at it. The decorations are going to be used to show our theme for our soon to be here baby boy. I want everyone to get an idea of what his baby room is beginning to look like.

I also do not want to spend a fortune on them since a lot of them will end up being ruined and not being saved. The decorations and food are what people will remember most so it needs to be impressive because, no one especially me want someone to look back on this day and say what they should of done or what they could of done better.

Since this day is to celebrate my baby boy and congratulate me and my husband. I want it to be a great day for not only us, but everyone that is going to be a part of it. I want them to be welcomed.

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