My Messy Self Wedgie

by Andrew

I enjoy giving myself wedgies when I get the opportunity to. Sometimes when I'm alone I'll just get the urge to give myself a wedgie, especially a messy wedgie if I'm in the mood for it.

So this was one day that I had one of those urges to do a wedgie and I decided to look in the fridge to see what I could put down my underwear. I went with whipped cream.

I brought a can of whipped cream to my room, stripped to nothing but my pair of tighty whities, laid down a towel underneath where I was going to do it and got ready. I clicked record on the camera on my computer, opened up my underwear and sprayed whipped cream all down the back of my underwear.

When my underwear was full of whipped cream, I got ready and pulled up. My underwear went up my butt, and so did a lot of the whipped cream.

Whipped cream starts going further and further up my butt, and some creeps out of the exposed leg holes and smears all over my exposed butt and some drops to the floor.

I give myself a bit of a squeaky clean so that the whipped cream really goes everywhere and then I stop. It took a while to clean up, but it was fun.

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Aug 03, 2015
Looks Like A Huge Mess
by: Francis

Andrew, just wow!

I’m just looking at this messy wedgie you have given yourself and I’m impressed and embarrassed at the same time. You really know how to do your stuff.

Also, thanks for providing this great photograph. It really puts an exclamation mark under your story.

I hope you put some kind of blanket on the ground because I can really see the whip cream going just everywhere! It’s obvious to me that you really are a passionate wedgie lover.

And I do hope that you will have fun with my wedgie dares, if you haven’t gotten to them already.

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