Wedgie Dice Dare Fun!

by Kitty

I love wedgies, I hope you do too, so let’s get this dare started!

You’ll need one 6-sided dice and wedgie supplies. If you don’t have supplies needed to do the wedgie or wimp out, you must re-roll and then roll for your punishment(s) at the end!

Roll 1- underwear

  1. thong

  2. briefs

  3. boxers

  4. panties

  5. bathing suit bottoms

  6. a pair a few sizes too small

Roll 2- kind of wedgie

  1. Regular wedgie

  2. Hanging wedgie

  3. Permanent wedgie

  4. Squeaky clean wedgie

  5. Messy wedgie

  6. UNLUCKY, all of the above!

Roll 3- Time

  1. 5 minutes/5 pulls

  2. 10 minutes/10 pulls

  3. 30 minutes/15 pulls

  4. 1 hour/ 30 pulls

  5. 2 hours/ 60 pulls

  6. Until undies rip!

Roll 4- messy wedgie: items

  1. 2 un-cracked eggs in front and back

  2. Shaving cream

  3. Ice cream and whipped cream

  4. Hot sauce (be careful!)

  5. Mud

  6. Bugs

Roll 5- Punishment (if you had to re-roll)

  1. 50 hard spanks

  2. Permanent wedgie for rest of the game/night/day

  3. Swirly

  4. Cross dress for the rest of the game/1 hour

  5. Roll for a messy substance and put that in your underwear and leave in for the rest of the day/night/game

  6. Edge 5 times

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Jan 23, 2018
I wish
by: Anonymous

I wish I had someone to do this with

Nov 17, 2016
by: Christina H

I once dated a guy who loved DICE. He was definitely into the idea of putting them inside me. I don't know about that, but it's interesting to think about... Hmm...

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