Little Evil Girls Getting in Trouble with Wedgies

by Zoey

Once Anna had a little sister named Sally. Sally gave Anna wedgies and Anna got in trouble.

When they were three, Anna was taking a bath when Sally (who was same age) took her panties, put them on Anna and gave her a water wedgie, then "hung" herself.

So Anna got in trouble. Then they went to the pool and Sally pulled up Anna's swimsuit so it went up her butt. And then Anna got in trouble again!

Then they were getting dressed. Anna was standing straight up and Sally tanked her pink pantries so you could see her butt: Anna got in trouble...

Then the next day, Anna was sleeping there till three and sally pulled up her pantries


Her mom slammed Anna for lying. The next day Anna was playing and Sally tanked up her pantries and kept letting go and yanking again...

Sally got in trouble...

Then anna was watching Sally take a bath when Anna graved her panties, tanked them up and put water in them:

Sally got in trouble...

Then Anna went down the stairway and gave Sally a hanging wedgie:

Sally got in trouble...

And was given a wedgie and slammed by her mom.

Will Anna ever get caught...?

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Oct 19, 2015
Wedgie to Older Sister
by: PJ

Try this if she's on her phone she dos not mind or notice GIVE THE WEDGIE it's fun and easy

Aug 30, 2014
fire and Ice wedgie.
by: Anonymous

Put ice down the front of your underwear and sand in the back then receive a hanging wedgie.

Sep 29, 2013
My Made Up Story (none of it happened)
by: Zak (from Birmingham)

So a kid was walking to school one day.

He saw his friends, but they had planned something...

So he was talking to his mates - but then somebody wedgied him!

It was a girl.

Then she took him to the girl's toilets, stripped him, put pink panties on him, and then gave him a hanging wedgie!

He stayed like it all day, till his panties ripped.

Then he went home. As he got off the bus, the girl saw him. And, well...

Gave him a atomic wedgie, then let all the other girls spank him...

And that was his worst wedgie day ever

Mar 04, 2013
My Wedgie Dare
by: Brisbane

Hi I thought all of them would be fun but I chose the mesie dare wedgie, I put ice-cream down the back of my underwear and pulled up after 3minutes.

I couldn't stand it so I took it my clothes off and put the ice cream down the front of my pants for the rest of the two minutes I cannot wait until the next one

Feb 20, 2013
Ripped self wedgie
by: Anonymous

I was 8 years old and I loved wedgies I was wearing white briefs and was trying to give myself an atomic wedgie but it couldn't get over my head so I pulled harder and it ripped I then pulled the waist band over my head it hurt like crap.

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