Evil Friends - Left me hanging naked all night

So when I was in the 6th grade, my friend was having a sleepover party. He invited some other girls too.

When we got there, we played truth or dare. We were downstairs in my friends living room.

One of the girls is kinda mean to me, but is friends with my friend (Sam is the one having the sleepover, Carly is the one that is kinda mean to me).

When it was Sams turn, Carly dared her to strip me naked but my underwear, and hang me by my underwear on the tall fence outside, and leave me there for 10 minutes.

So she did.

When she went back inside, her brothers come to me and took my undies off, and duct taped me to the tall pole in the front yard.

Then they hanged my undies up there too. They said to do whatever they told me to or else they would leave me there all night.

So I did.

First, knew new my crush. And they knew I liked him.

So, at 11:00 pm, the brother drags me over to my crushes house (Jonathan) and knocks on the door.

He, of course, answers it and starts laughing and taking pics.

Then the brothers told me to do a dance for them. So they went to jonathans house, upstairs in his room.

Jonathan grabbed me by the arms and the brothers grabbed me by the legs. And they tied me to the wall. Then they started to take pictures.

And then the to brothers left and jonathan went to sleep. At like 12:00 in the morning the brothers come back, and give me my clothes and take me home.

But all of my frienda are asleep, so they take me to their room, and tie me to their closet door.

And start taking pics (again) and laughed at me.

Then went go to sleep and left me hanging.

So in the morning they gave me my clothes. And I go home, and go on facebook, and see all the pictures of me naked!

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May 03, 2018
Eew Wedgie
by: Jess

So when I was at school (I'm 18 years old) My bully (a girl) Showed me a video about lesbians making out and I was like '"eew'" And after when I said eew she looked at me, then gave me a Hard And Rough Wedgie And I was screaming. It hurts a lot.

Dec 27, 2014
by: Jackson

This is a made up story not real.

So, I had a sleepover with some people Gabe, Hunter, and Parker came. We made a bet that whoever couldn't run 10 laps around the house could do whatever they want to the other people.

Parker, Gabe, and I lost! Hunter had something planned for us. First, he grabbed a bunch of tighty wighties.

Than, he stripped us down to nothing but our underwear. After, he but extra tighty wightys on us and but stuff in our underwear and took us to the park.

He hung me first as high as he could! Parker, he hung 2nd highest and Gabe 3rd highest. We got major hanging atomic wedgies!

Then, he took us to the school and found the highest coat racks and hung us their in A combination of all wedgies!! He also pantsed us and gave us swirleys.

We hung their for 1 night and 1 day. We were humiliated because he took a video and sent the link to everyone in school! Now, we get wedgies in school like that!!

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