Swing Wedgie

by John Barkley
(Cheyenne, Wyoming USA)

I really like getting wedgied and so one day I decided to give myself one. I was tired of giving myself the same old regular wedgie like usual so this time I made it a little bit more interesting.

I decided I wanted to give myself a hanging wedgie, but not just any hanging wedgie, and swinging hanging wedgie. So I walked outside and I took the seat off of one of the swings and set it on the ground.

I attached one side of my undies to the hook on my right and attached the other end of my undies to the hook on the left. I counted the three and then jumped off the chair I was standing on and I was then in my hanging wedgie.

To make it a swinging hanging wedgie, I started kicking my feet back and forth so now I was swinging like I was on a swing but in a hanging wedgie at the same time!!!

My parents were at work so they weren't there to see it fortunately. After about twenty minutes of swinging I decided to make it the ultimate wedgie by falling asleep in it. When I woke up I saw my father taking my underwear off the hooks and said "your getting so many wedgie now."

The next day I had school and all day i was anxious about what my father had said. After school, my dad came to pick me up. I was talking to my friends when my dad came up behind me whispered in my ear "I heard you like wedgie" and then pulled my panties up so hard that my feet came off the ground.

I Secretly liked it but didn't tell my friends that and my face was burning with embarrassment. A boy nearby got it all on video and posted it on YouTube so now whenever I go to school people give me wedgie.

This is a true story

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May 09, 2019
good real life story, and keep up the good work.
by: CrankyJohn

If its possible can you tell or add the youtube video name?

May 03, 2018
Wedgie hell
by: Anonymous

I was staying at a friends house and we decided to go swimming. I had a bikini on and as we walked down a gravel road we ran into her friends. We talked to them then she whispered to them and they snickered.

They told me they wanted to show me something and put a blindfold and handcuffs on me. They walked me to a flagpole and hooked it up to my bottoms. They pulled the rope so I was hanging in mid-air. I screamed.

They walked away. I was hanging for hours and peed myself. They came back and put a bucket of sand in my bottoms and swung me around. When they let me down the pulled my trunks up into my vag**a. It hurt so bad.

Oct 24, 2015
Don't believe it - but I laughed
by: Francis

When I got your submission I was sitting together with friends and actually read the story to them.

We did have a blast reading it! But to be honest it's not that believable.

Common - your dad giving you a wedgie in front of the school after sneaking up on you in a sleazy way? Sounds hard to believe.

Doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy the story, it was a fun read!

Have fun with wedgies!!

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