Wedgied in Public

So I was at my friend, David's house. We were bored, so decided to play truth or dare and invite some more people over. Eventually, there were 7 of us there, David, me, Chris, Joseph, Daniel, Harry, and Liam.

David went first - He got dared to get a hanging wedgie from his fence for 10 minutes by me. I went second. I got dared to receive a wedgie every time someone got dared. I had to accept it because the forfeit was being stripped and locked outside.

Anyway, the daring went on. Harry got dared to strip to his undies and run around the block - this was at 4:00 pm, so there were a lot of people out there. A few other things happened as well, but none worth mentioning.

This went on for quite some time until Chris forfeited a dare to get a hanging wedgie from the tree outside. As warned, we stripped him naked and locked him out of the house, leaving him to run back to his house in shame. My Dare came around, and I got dared to get given a hanging wedgie from the tree, and an atomic wedgie in the park.

I paled at this thought, but had to go along since I did not want to run home, and my car keys were in my pockets, as well as my house keys so even if I made it home, I wouldn't have been able to get in.

They took me outside and Harry tied a rope to the tree, nearly 3 meters above the ground.

"Come on." said Harry

"It can't be that bad"

Grudgingly I accepted, and Liam came up behind me, reached down the back of my trousers, and yanked up my white briefs. I groaned in pain as I felt the fabric sliding into my butt. Harry tied the top of my briefs to the rope, and slowly lifted me up into the tree. With every second that passed, The pain increased dramatically. my 'friends' stared at me laughing as I hung from the tree, slowly swinging in the wind.

This went on for awhile until my 'friends' got bored of my predicament, and David came up and pulled my trousers down, grinning slightly.

After this, my 'friends' went back inside, locking the door behind them. It was at this point I started to panic. I was dangling from a tree by my underwear, about 1 and a half meters off the ground, wearing only my t-shirts and briefs. I started to wiggle around, trying to get out of the wedgie, instantly regretting it as my briefs dug even further up my butt.

I heard a ripping sound and started to feel my underwear stretching over my head. A few minutes after I heard this sound, I abruptly fell to the ground, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. I pulled the shirt down to cover myself, went to the door and repeatedly banged on it, trying to get someone's attention to let me back inside the house.

A voice came from inside saying "We'll let you back in if you put your t-shirt through the cat flap". As I was locked out, I had no choice. I slowly took off the shirt, crumpled it into a ball and fed it through the cat flap in the bottom of the door. I was now completely naked, standing outside in the cold

"Uncover yourself and face the door" the voice commanded again.

I heard the door click after a few minutes of me standing outside, drawing confused and sometimes pitiful looks from passer-by's. The door opened, and inside were two of my friends with their phones pointed at me. Clicking started and the flash of their phones stunned me momentarily before I hurriedly covered myself and dashed inside.

When I was inside, Harry gave me another pair of briefs to wear. They were pink with purple stars covering them, but I had nothing else to wear so I struggled with them. They were at least two sizes too small, squeezing my balls.

They gave me back my shirt and trousers, and I got dressed as fast as I could. When I was opening the door to leave and go back home, Harry stopped me and muttered "You still have the second part to do yet" I whimpered in fear of what was to come.

The next day, I was woken up to very aggressive banging on my door. I got dressed in the same clothes as yesterday, as commanded by Liam, and groggily made my way to the front door. I unlocked and opened it, only to be promptly grabbed by Liam and dragged to the mall.

Today was Saturday, the busiest day at the mall. When we got there after a few minutes of walking, I was wide awake and alert, keeping an eye out for the person who was going to give me the wedgie, which they had apparently decided on yesterday when I was hanging from the tree. I saw a few people I knew, but no-one who had been in our little truth or dare game yesterday.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands grasp the top of my trousers and yank them down to my ankles. I felt stupid. Why hadn't I checked behind me!

As I reached down to pull my trousers back up, another pair of hands grasped the top of my pink briefs and pulled them up forcefully. As the briefs reached my shoulders, I heard a wave of laughter spread out throughout the mall. My cheeks burning in shame, I hung my head and tried to hide my face. My hair got yanked backward, as my underwear stretched even higher.

The waistband of my underwear could be seen in the top of my eye, slowly and agonizingly reaching for my face. The waistband finally snapped over my face, and I was led into a changing stall by Liam, where the wedgie got taken out. When I say that, I mean he pulled up on my briefs until they ripped. He then took all of my clothes and left the changing stall, leaving me in there naked to walk home.

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