Wedgies and briefs with truth or dare

by Paul

Would you want to be dared to run around in your underwear?

Would you want to be dared to run around in your underwear?

When I was 12 years old, I often played truth or dare with some other teens. The typical dares were stripping down to your underwear, giving each other some nasty wedgies, running around and being forced to fetch stuff wearing only underwear and so on.

Often we got in trouble with the father of the friend we played at, but we just thought it was part of the fun of the game. But we only did the most embarrassing dares when his father was not around.

The worst dare I ever had to do at that time was to streak outside the house in underwear. I almost died with nervousness but really just wanted to somehow get it over with.

I had a bad feeling running around in the cold, my feet wet from the grass. Of course, they locked me out!

Even after knocking for several minutes and calling for them – it got really cold wearing only my briefs – I had no choice but to ask the neighbors to call there!

I did ask but they called my parents instead! My brother was still in the house with my friends and had a camera ready to capture the whole scene. It was totally mortifiying and I even got grounded!

The worst part of it was that some days later, the pictures were scattered around the school and some are in our house till today. Totally embarrassing!

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May 08, 2017
don't ask
by: Anonymous

once I was told to meet one of my friends outside there house but he grabbed me and stole my pants shirt shoes socks jacket and underwear also they shaved all my hair off had a girl at my school come and tickle me NAKED! Then they grabbed my balls with a robot hand thing and they each took turns kicking and punching me there than the gave me 3 sizes too small tighty whiteys (sadly I'm really scrawny so I could barely fit) and gave me a handcuff wedgie while in a hanging wedgie than I fell asleep and they made me wet myself they took pictures and posted them on the school's website (my friends dad designed the website)I had to move luckily the next month none of them are my friends anymore

Mar 01, 2017
Wedgie Trial
by: ultra wedgie

This dare requires 2 people willing to get a wedgie. First go outside and strip yourself to your underwear, but don't put your clothes on till the entire game is over. Then have a drag wedgie race. The winner gets a slave wedgie (a wedgie where you take a stick, put it in your leg holes, and put it over your shoulders) ,but the loser gets a jock lock. Next comes the wedgie dash. The competitors have to run any distance while sustaining the wedgies ,so the one in a jock lock is at a disadvantage. The winner gets to put the loser in a swim wear wedgie or a blast wedgie. The loser is undone from this wedgie and gotten ready for the nature wedgie challenge. The first one of them to give up or have their underwear rip has to get a wedgie deluxe and the winner has to pull their ankles. Both are then prepared for the hanging wedgie games. The two competitors are hung by their underwear and play a game such as rock, paper, scissors or arm wrestling and the winner gets to come down and decide what wedgie to give the loser. The
final task is the high hanging wrestling wedgie both players wrestle while suspended by their underwear by rope and the first to fall into the safely prepared surface has to have the victor run around the block in his underwear giving him whatever wedgie he wants. Then the competitors put their clothes on and as one last thing the winner must put on a towel instead of his clothes for one hour after the game ends.

Dec 22, 2014
Hanging Jock-Lock Wedgie
by: Claire

  1. Strip to underwear then put yourself in a hanging wedgie

  2. Then a jock lock wedgie during the hanging wedgie.

  3. Struggle

  4. Post video.

Apr 30, 2014
Wedgie struggle?
by: Wedgie Lover

You have to do a jock lock wedgie, seems simple but only one twist. You have to put the waistband of your underwear weaving through your toes! And you can't use anything else to help get out of it, only your feet can set you free.

Feb 05, 2013
My dare hehehe
by: Em

I dare you to give your self:

Really big wedgie and keep it there for two turns

Jul 31, 2012
My Wedgie Idea
by: Sally from USA

Pull up hard and to the left or right then twist.

Jun 05, 2012
Wedgie Dare
by: *** Wedgie-Lover ***

Here's a dare: let the person sitting across from you give you the hardest wedgie they could do!

Oct 29, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jun 03, 2011
Wedgies and briefs with truth or dare
by: DareDevil

Really Embarrassing... But never mind, happens sometimes

Aug 09, 2018
Dare punishment wedgie
by: Anonymous

I and My friends were playing truth or dare with the punishments and I got dared to put on one of my grandma's diaper underwear and use it.

If I would not do that so I got a punishment that was to steal my (girl) cousins underwear and get a messy wedgie. And it was with every gooey thing in the house and when my cousin found out she was really angry!

Feb 28, 2017
ultra wedgie
by: Anonymous

Strip yourself down to your underwear. Change into
the strechiest pair of underwear you have. Let your friend hold one end of your underwear. Walk across the room as far as you can. Do one of the following.
1. Hold that position for one or two hours
2. Put something in your underwear for a messy wedgie
3. Make it an atomic wedgie and pull it over your head
4.To make it a permenant wedgie you could wrap it around your waste and tuck it in or make a knot

Mar 23, 2014
Locked out in undies but I turned it on him!
by: Barbera

My friends and I were playing t-o-d at my house one Friday night when we were twelve. They dared me to call the neighbor boy and have him meet me behind my house. The catch was I would be wearing only my bra and panties. I undressed and slipped out to wait on him and they of course locked me out. When he got there I was hiding in the bushes. I explained what happened and he tried the door and a window, both locked. He kept trying to peek at me and we could see my friends at the windows and hear them laughing. I was so embarrassed I felt sick. Then I suddenly got a rush of adrenaline, and a crazy idea. I pulled the boy into the bushes and took his clothes! He squirmed but was helpless with me tickling him. I came out wearing his boots, hoodie and cargo pants... leaving him in a white v- neck, briefs and socks. The girls all cheeered and hooted and whistled as he ran away.
Luckily he forgave me after a while.

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