Wedgie Challenge: Take the Poll!

I want to know what you are made of!

  • Are you doing half-assed wedgies?
  • Are you going all the way until they rip!?

Let us know!

Take this quick poll and compete against other wedgie fans out there!

After you take the poll, you will see the results of other visitors. You’ll know exactly how well you are doing!

Wedgies - Take the Poll!

All fields with an asterisk (*) must be filled in.
Didn’t even tickle
Hurt pretty bad
Underwear ripped
It’s still in my buttcrack!
I love to give them
I enjoy receiving wedgies
I don’t care either way - as long as there are wedgies!
I’m a wussy and I don’t actually do the wedgies...
Yes - uh oh.
No - phew!
Under 12
Over 18

Type in the word below.


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