Hot Bikini Dare Gallery with Dare Ideas for the Pool or the Beach!

girls in biking kissing each other

Bikini Dares!

Grab another girl's breast or make out underwater. Bonus points for both. Try to come on from the front and not from the back: this will surprise the girl less and she won't start kicking around, thinking you were a creepy attacker...

Bikini Girls lying on each other

Pile Dare!

Try to make a bigfoot (piling as many people as possible one on the top of another) while wearing swimwear. If there are guys, make sure to mix girls and guys in the stack!

Bikini Girl wearing a coconut bra

Bra Dare for Girls!

wear a coconut-bra or a bra made out of sea shells. Have the boys play "drums" with them by letting them make music using little sticks and the coconuts!

Bikini Girl getting sun bath

Sun-screen drawing dare!

wait until someone is asleep and lying in the sun - then draw a smiley (or something less innocent) on their skin!

Bikini Girls holding another girl from legs helping her to do a handstand

Girls in bikini having fun on a beach

Make a hand-running race!

Two girls grab one guy (you can mix it up if you want) and hold him by each of his legs. Then push him forward while the poor "car" tries to "run" as fast as he can on his hands! Fastest runner wins (and gets to be a "pusher" next time!)

Girls, line up and turn your butts to the guys. Have a Who-Has-the-hottest-ass contest! How you do it (guys grabbing your butts, you wiggling them to the music or bouncing them together) that is up to you!

Girls doing a car wash dare wearing a bikini
Girl showing her tattoo on the back

Bikini Car-Wash Dare!

Wash a car with your bodies, wearing only a bikini. Use your bodies as a sponge and go crazy with the soap!

Draw each other creative, embarrassing or crazy tattoos on your backs using permanent marker. Use water-proof colors that stand out on the beach or at the pool for added fun!

Beautiful topless blonde covering her breasts with her hands
Girls fooling around at a beach

Topless Dare!

Remove your top and stay as long as you can at the beach or pool in this position. You can lie down and pretend to sunbathe. You may also cover yourself with your arms. Don't let the others steal your top!

Shadow Dare!

Wait for the sunset and try to build characters on the ground using your shadows

girl sitting on a car bonnet
Girl playing with water-gun in a pool

Sexy "Car" Wash Dare!

Get outside and pretend to be a car. Make car noises, run around on all fours... Finally, have an "accident" and get all muddy. Choose a car wash girl that has to clean you up wearing only a bikini!

Water-pistol Dare!

Grab yourself the biggest, most badass looking water gun man has ever built. Strut along the other people and look dangerous. Now hit someone you don't know with a full splash of water and then... RUN FOR IT! Have fun splashing with water!

Beautiful Girl Opening her Bikini lace

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Try opening the top of a girl without her noticing. Best done as a bikini dare for the beach! Don't try this out with a stranger if you don't want to end up in jail for your dare!

Blonde Girl dropping here pants off
Beautiful Bikini Girls holding each other's hands

Drop your Pants-dare!

Dress up in clothes that are not yours above your bikini or swimsuit. And then seductively strip down to your swimwear again!

Couple Dare!

Pretend to be a gay couple and hold hand while walking a round around the pool or along the beach!

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