Dare Pics of Hot Girls

Disclaimer: The girls shown in these dare pics did not really do the dares.

  • They are hot
  • They illustrate the dare idea well
  • So lean back and enjoy the show...
beautiful girls showing cleavage

Imagine playing Truth or Dare with these gorgeous hotties!

  1. Whom would you dare first?

  2. What dares would you have them do?

  3. Which crazy moment would you catch for eternity in a series of dare pics?
Girls lifting up another girl

Pick the smallest girl and lift her up. How many times can you do it? Make a contest out of it!

Get girls to play Truth or Dare

Girls fooling around with bottle

Truth Question for Girls: How would you behave if you were a (very vulgar) guy for one day?

beautiful girl kissing on the cheek of other girl

Round of kisses: everyone pass a kiss to the person next to you until it has gone around to everyone!

Girls dressed up like ballerina

All guys: play rock-paper-scissors. Loser gets dressed up like a ballerina by the girls using improvised clothes.

Stay dressed like that for at least 5 rounds. For each draw that came up, add 5 more rounds in ballerina-mode!

irls in Christmas costumes

Recognize by butt-grabbing: have all the girls wear only a short skirt. One lucky guy is gets blindfolded.

Now he has to feel up the girls under their skirts and guess who is who. For each girl he guesses wrong, he has to remove a piece of clothing!

blonde girls fooling around in elevators

Girls: I dare you to fart in an elevator and blame the guys! Wait until you are in an elevator with only males, and dress as sexy as possible to increase the surprising effect of a fart.

Wherever you may fart, you have to do it silently. Then just cover your nose and look to the male next to you.

black haired girl stretching the legs of other girl

Dramatically enact giving birth to a baby. Scream, spread your legs apart and hide a stuffed animal under your shirt! Try to make it as realistic as possible.

The player that first comes up with the most beautiful name in your opinion for your baby (try using a stuffed toy!) gets a kiss from you and gets to play father for the next round.

Blonde girl doing pole lap dance

It's time for a steaming hot lap dance! One minute performance with the person of your choice:

You can only stop when the group has decided your lap-dance was sexy enough.

blonde and brown haired girls kissing on lips

Choose the most beautiful two girls and they must french kiss for at least 10 seconds!

You can decide who is the cutest girl by majority vote to make it things even more interesting!

blonde girl pointing out an id card between her breasts

Stripping Dare: Choose the hottest girl (by democratic vote from the guys). She has the choice to strip down one piece of clothing for each money bill the guys are willing to put into her bra.

Once she starts stripping, she has to keep going as long as the guys are willing to spend money! This means: she either has the chance to get lots of cash but may end up naked. Or: she doesn't strip at all!

Sexy blondes holding large vodka bottles

Drinking Contest Dare: Grab the strongest drink you can find and choose a victim. You both drink at the same pace until someone gives up.

The loser removes a piece of clothing each time. Repeat as often as needed to get one of you totally naked!

beautiful party girls in different costumes

Dress up in an overdressed or really underdressed manner at the next party! Don't do this if you are invited to a bad taste party anyways.

Only mis-choose the clothings if you would really lose face when you do this extremely embarrassing dare!

dares for girls:Kiss a frog

Go outside and catch a frog, kiss it and pretend it turns into a prince or princess. Pose with it and make a touching wedding dare pic!

beautiful girls lifting up another girl

Pantomime your name (or a dirty word) using only your body and that of your friends. The rest of the group guesses the word!


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