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A good and juicy dare night begins with some kissing. Everyone with everyone, as long as that mouth and tongue stays busy. Take it from there and see where you end up!

Dare: Hickey Attack!

Hickey attack

Just giving up playful hickey to another as a Dare. Quite enjoyable but with loud shrieking and laughing.

Pool dare for guys!

Man posing only in towel

Pose as a model wearing nothing but a towel. Try to impress the girls as much as possible! The girls get to rate you from 1 to 10.

pointless dare!

topless girl at a busy road

Here the girl did a dare to buy some sweets in a gas station... only in her underwear. You can guess if she got grounded or not!
I wouldn't mind standing in line behind her at all - that's for sure!

Meatball Dare!

Girl.. eating a huge meatball

A good party starts out with some hearty food to keep the party crowd powered up and in good mood. But how big of a meat ball can you stuff into your mouth? It's not as if we were playing chubby bunny

Singing Contest Dare!

Guy singing imaginary

If you have sing star at home, you can have a fun singing contest as a dare. That always gets everyone's a game out. Who can reach the high score? Who has a hidden talent as a singer? And who is the unlucky one that sucks so hard at singing that everyone chips in money together to get him to stop singing?

Beer Pong Dare!

Girls playing beer pong!

Playing a good ole game of beer pong together. That gets everyone going for the party. Never mind the hand in his shorts though.

Dare: Lick a Poster!

Guy licking a poster

Got dared to lick a poster. Not such a bad dare. Some find that disgusting. Dependent on where that poster was before or what it was used for, it may be.

But I can imagine worse posters than this one to lick!

Stripping Dare!

Semi naked guy in front of door while locked outside

Don't get tricked to be locked out after doing a stripping dare. They won't let you back in no matter how much you yell! Best you do the best out of the situation!

Suggest a face Dare!

Beautiful cute girl

That's the face of someone you want to suggest to play Truth or Dare with! They have to be drunk and loose enough - but not yet tired and bored. Get that moment right and you're in! Who wouldn't want to play truth or dare with a gorgeous cutie like this one?

Sitting on the lap Dare!

Girl lying on many girls lap

Whatever Dare that one was - it was silly - but looked fun! Getting everyone to sit on each other's lap makes everyone comfortable with touching. You cannot expect any kissing to be going on with the whole group if they are not even silly and comfortable enough to do dares like these!

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