Dress up fashion games with boys as a revenge dare!

Ever wanted to play those dress up fashion games with the boys? Dress them up, put on make up on them and fit them into your shoes! Get creative with your punishing dares!

Two girls putting on make up on a topless man(Photo from Joel Vaughan)

Is it funny or mean to dress up boys?

Having a boy dress up will be the most embarrassing and humiliating dare ever!

There is not a much more mean payback for a guy who has given you a mean dare before! Especially if you...

  • Do it in front of everyone
  • Do a real photo model shooting session
  • Really go all out with make up, wigs etc.

You might be surprised that some might cringe under the mean dare while others might even secretly enjoy indulging in your dress up fashion games! They will not admit it of course.

... until you ask him a Truth question next round!

Here are some dressup dare ideas:

Guys wearing Bras(Photo from Katie@!)
  • Have them model in silky panties and bra
  • Do a "sexy" dance in girl's clothes
  • Act like you were seducing another boy while being dressed up

For the boys, it will be time to retaliate!

  • Have the girl model in your striped boxer shorts. You decide if she may wear anything else...
  • Draw hairs on her legs with a marker, give her a fake mustache and have her strut her stuff!

Make it light hearted and don't use those photos to blackmail each other! This will only come to bite you in the butt.

Have a good time and you'll see that many of the guys with great humor will play along your dress up fashion games just for shits and giggles.

The girls will find it hilarious as hell, that's for sure!

Stories about funny and girly dares for guys

Having boys participate in girl's dress up games can result in some really shocking scenarios...

One guy models for some girls at a party, wearing a bikini and desperately trying to walk around in high heels... outside in the snow!

Luckily, they did not tease him (too much) with the pictures they made. Instead, they offered him a self-made calendar with these "embarrassing shots" for his birthday!

In another case, a guy was not so lucky. Not only did the girls dress up the boy in a really slutty way, they also shaved one of his legs! (At least, they did not wax it! Just imagine that...)

In a more tame round, the girls chose a guy with long hair and had him act like a girl the rest of the evening. He had to ...

Three cross-dressed men(Photo from dfyoung)
  • giggle all the time
  • flip his hair in a very girly manner
  • playfully flirt with another guy for a round

Talk about weirding a guy out!

At a sleepover, one girl dared her little brother to put on a pink carebear shirt she did not wear any more, on which was written "Squeeze Me!"...

Personally, I would never go that far and if I wanted to do a quick girly dare for guys, I would just stick a tampon up his nose!

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