I need some crazy ideas for this summer! Give me some crazy dares!

by Clarissa

(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

This summer, I want to have tons of fun. My best friend have made a list of crazy things we want to do before summer ends.

We LOVE to drink and blaze! We're looking for some new ideas for fun things to do. We are pretty open minded girls, and we wouldn't think skinny dipping or streaking is awkward or embarassing.

OUR Ideas so far :)

1) Late night Wal-Mart crawling.
2) Dress up, pregame, and go to Club Saturn
3) Sneak out and chill with guys in our grade
4) Get Michelle to stop being so annoying and uptight (she only wants to be liked…which is understandable)
5) Get laid
6) Go camping in a damn backyard
7) Get Michelle wasted so she can shut the **** up for once
8) Meet Summer studs
9) Meet New Walton people and become better friends with the bros in our grade at our school
10) Paint Fight
11) Water fight
12) Midnight premiere of some gay you-know-what movie and waffle house afterwards
13) Steak ‘N Shake at 1 am
14) Concert
15) Party every night for a week straight
16) Get something pierced
17) Stay out all night
18) Wake and bake
19) Have a legitimate girls night
20) Swim while drunk
21) ****Road trip to Florida for 4th of July****
22) say yes to every invitation for a whole week
23) streak naked in public
24) Crash a party
25) Drink
26) Swear off drama
27) Drink some more
28) Try it all at least once
29) Go out to dinner every weekend
30) Play huge and serious game of "truth or dare"

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Oct 21, 2013
I have the ultimate dare...
by: Anonymous

I dare you to wear appropriate clothing and keep your legs closed. Bet you ANYTHING that you can't.

Apr 24, 2013
by: Katie from Chula vista

Get spanked

Apr 02, 2013
Tree Climbers
by: Emily

Go outside and climb a tree and stay there for 30 minutes.

Feb 21, 2013
My Fave Dares
by: James from San Jose, California, USA

I dare you to poo outside naked

I dare you to get naked in school

Feb 19, 2013
The Daring Dare
by: Abby

The Daring Dare is to..

Jump off your roof!

Be careful though, you could get hurt. Although it is really, really fun!

Feb 11, 2013
Skinny Dipping Dare
by: Anonymous

You and someone of your choice go skinny dipping and leave your clothes with group.

Feb 05, 2013
Our Summer 2011 Bucket List (Continuation)
by: Anonymous

  • Learn to do a front flip or back flip without a trampoline

  • Learn to play an instrument

  • Make 20 pillows by the end of Summer

  • Make a coloring book

  • Make a giant cookie

  • Make a huge sand castle

  • Make a poster about Summer and hang it in your room

  • Make an enemy but keep them close

  • Make soda popsicles

  • Meet a total stranger and become friends

  • Meet new people

  • Play a serious game of truth or dare

  • Play cupcake-splatter

  • Play hide-and-seek in Haynes

  • Play in the rain

  • Pretend to have super powers for a day

  • Punch someone randomly

  • Put stickers on peoples cars

  • Roll down a huge hill

  • Say yes to everything for a week

  • See Harry Potter 7 at the midnight showing

  • Send a mass text for everyone to meet at the Oceanfront on 13th street

  • Sit on someones roof

  • Sneak into a movie

  • Sneak out

  • Spend at least 0 dollars

  • Spend the day at a spa and then dress up fancy and go to a nice restaurant

  • Spend the day at an arcade

  • Stay in the haunted hotel at the beach

  • Swim with dolphins

  • Take 1000 pictures

  • Tie dye a t-shirt

  • TP someones house

  • Try a beer

  • Try seafood

  • Turn a Caterpillar into a butterfly

  • Walk to North Carolina and spend the day there

  • Water fight

Feb 01, 2013
Draw on Stomach

Let every player draw something on your stomach in sharpie

Feb 01, 2013
by: by Trae

Allow someone to give you a

- wedgie
- swirly
- pants you

From top to bottom.

Jan 22, 2013
by: Rebecca

Once I had to kiss someone the same sex as me it was yucky

Jan 22, 2013
Tomorrow I am So Embarrassed
by: Anonymous

Have the person run around with their shoes on their hands and have them sing "Tomorrow" twice in a British accent.

Jan 18, 2013
Scary Ideas :D
by: Faith from Williamsburg, VA, USA

- Watch "Happy Tree Friends" for at least ten minutes while the other players watch that person's reaction

- Make a straight jacket out of toilet paper, and that player must wear that for at least two turns

Jul 31, 2012
Truth Or Dare
by: Damion from Australia

My pesonal favourite Truth Question is... who do you think will go out funny cuase that night they did. Best Dare would have to be... Walk over a flaming fire For 10 seconds without screaming

Jun 12, 2012
by: Anonymous


Mar 01, 2012
pretty crazy!
by: Francis

Whoa Loni that's a pretty hardcore list :D

would you be daring enough to do them all...? ;)

Feb 29, 2012
more ideas.
by: Loni Burke(:

haha you guys remind me of me and all my friends(: were doing the same things but i have some more ideas like
play hide n seek in a corn field(high)
take a street sign
pee off of a parking garage
fuck a stranger
try to get into the hooka bar
dare eachother to do stupid shit in public (no pussing out)
car wash:p
draw perverted things on peoples sidewalks(chalk)
and soo much more but those are some more ideas(:

Dec 21, 2011
by: AnonymousTika

Summer should be very hot and warm. I think to make people go crazy during that time is to increase the feeling of summer for them. Make them wear layers of clothing every time they do a dare and in the end who got the most layers need to wear it for the whole day.

Nov 19, 2011
Summer dares in the winter
by: Anonymous

Now if you're really crazy how about doing all these outdoor dares in the winter outside :P

Skinny dipping camping and all that stuff. Just don't freeze till spring...

Nov 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

These suggestions are truly hilarious. Who doesn't love a good game of truth or dare

Apr 19, 2011
Our Summer 2011 Bucket List
by: Anonymous

  • 3-D mini golf

  • Be a ninja for a day

  • Build a huge pillow and blanket fort

  • Buy a goldfish and dont let it die

  • Buy a hermit crab and dont let it die

  • Buy a kiddie pool

  • Buy a star and name it

  • Buy a trampoline, or a mini one, and put a sprinkler underneath it with soap

  • Carve my name in a tree along with "Summer 2011"

  • Childhood movie marathon

  • Color a coloring page for each day of Summer and hang them in your room

  • Color road with paint and sidewalk chalk

  • Cover yourself in pudding

  • Crash a store

  • Create a poster for a friend about how much you love them

  • Do a Laser Quest lock in

  • Dont text or go on Facebook for a month

  • Drink 6 Monsters in one night

  • Drive to a random city and go shopping there

  • Eat lots of carrots and turn orange (It happened to my mom as a kid, she ate about a bag a day and looked orange)

  • Eat out twice a month

  • Egg a person

  • Fill the kiddie pool with whipped cream and jump in it

  • Find a four leaf clover

  • Get a temporary tattoo

  • Get an airbrush t-shirt that says Summer 2011

  • Get an insane tan

  • Get kicked out of Walmart

  • Go a day barefoot

  • Go a day without food

  • Go crabbing

  • Go everywhere in a bathing suit for a day

  • Go swimming at midnight

  • Go to a concert

  • Go to an amusement park

  • Go to the aquarium

  • Go to the mall and hold up a sign saying "Free Hugs"

  • Go to the mirror maze, fun house, haunted house, and ride the rides down at the Oceanfront

  • Go trick-or-treating and see if anyone gives you anything

  • Go tubing and knee boarding

  • Go white water rafting

  • Have a giant pillow fight

  • Have a paint war

  • Have a race with shopping carts

  • Have a REAL party

  • Have a Saw movie marathon

  • Jump in a lake

  • Jump in a pool with clothes on

  • Jump out of tree

  • Kiss someone underwater or in the rain

Apr 07, 2011
Great Ideas here! Here are some more Dares!
by: Francis

Combine 31 with almost all others!

Invite some guys, get some booze, get a cool party going, play Truth or Dare, get all out of their clothes:

I dare you to:

- Grab a blanket. Strip naked. You must wear only the blanket to cover you for one full round.

- Have another player strip you; you must kiss that player once for every item thus removed. You then dress yourself back.

- Have someone hide something, you have to find it; nude in the dark.

- Heads or Tails: You win, another player loses an item of clothing and designate new another, play again. If not, you lose an item of clothing.

- Jump up on top of a table top and put on a striptease going all the way.

- Kiss another player in their inner thighs

- Play snow angels naked.

- Remove an article of clothing from another player your teeth.

You get the idea ;)

Some tips here on this website may help you, just bring them to the next level when you want to be very, very bad ;)

And don't forget to keep the drinking within acceptable limits!

Jun 11, 2014
Open-Minded Boy
by: Neo

You got a very cool list up there. Since you want to say yes—can I invite you to play truth or dare with me ^_~

Jun 13, 2013
Poor Michelle
by: Anonymous

You guys should cut Michelle some more slack ya know !!!!!

Jun 11, 2013
The Hell?
by: Anonymous

You guys are retarded. You're either going to 1) die 2) get STDs 3) get raped 4) get prego and 5) all of the above. You're like, 14.....

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