Can you post some sexy dares for truth or dare?

by Kim

How sexy do you want it?

How sexy do you want it?

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I'm having a party with friends (16 to 19 years old) and we will probably play games like truth or dare and others like spin the bottle...

But I need some ideas for dares because I am really bad at coming up with them. Could you help me?


Be careful how far you can go, since some of you are still quite young. If you want some sexy dares for your party, here you go:
    • Select a player to go Seven Minutes in Heaven! There you can make out or whatever :)

    • Jump naked into a hot tub or a pool, or into a shower if you don't have these possibilities at your party. Of course, you can dare someone to do it with a person of the opposite sex!
    • Choose a member of the opposite sex and

      1. Exchange ALL clothes below the waist;
      2. Remove those clothes completely (and cover up only with e.g. your t-shirt).
    • You have to melt some ice cubes by putting them under your clothes. The group may choose any (sexy) place they wish and everyone feels confortable with.
    • Sit on top of each other. Make it random for fun or select guys and girls to pair up to make it more seductive. To heat things up pairs may need to straddle each other instead of simply sitting on each others lap. (Make sure they still are more or less clothed. Or not!)

    Don't Know how to seduce a women?

    Perhaps you should watch these helpful tips

    • Play a round of rock-paper-scissors: the loser has to remove a piece of clothings.
    • Choose a player to kiss somewhere the group decides.
That's it for starters. Count on the creative minds of your guests to come up with embarrassing, mean and/or sexy dares for the rest!

Know your limits and have fun!

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Apr 25, 2013
by: Geoff

Eat melting chocolate off your partner's chest

Feb 01, 2013
The Crazest Dare I Ever Did
by: Shannon

Go take a walk around your block naked, but only wearing a longest coat you have.

Jan 10, 2013
Change Clothes with Your Crush
by: Chris from Auebec

Change clothes with your crush in front of the whole group.

Oct 23, 2012

First take off shirts. Then pair up with opposite sexes. Put an ice cube on woman's belly button. Keep the ice there with just mouth until it melts.

Apr 13, 2012
Movie Star
by: Anonymous

make an adult movie with you as the star

Jan 16, 2012
rubbing oil, sauces etc
by: Anonymous

Rub stuff on people. Can be naughty. Can be hot as hell. Can be sexy!

Jan 04, 2012
everything is sexy when blindfolded
by: Anonymous

Take any normal dare and do it blindfolded with a member of the opposite sex.

Pass a card around with your mouth (suck&blow)
Balance a card between your noses
Have someone melt an icecube on your body

Hot, right?

Dec 20, 2011
Rules of Sexy Dare
by: Joyce

You should know the borderline between sexy and slutty when you are giving out dare or actually performing it. You should also know your group of players too. Always start with something simple to see how far they could take. Don’t play naked or overexposure dare if there’s a minor in the group.

Nov 22, 2011
teens make their first experiences...
by: Kenneth

More and more young people are doing some pretty adult stuff. You can tell then not to do it and they will do in secretly anyways.

Or you can guide them in a way that they understand when they need to slow down. But not by being a mood-killer...

I don't say it's good they do it. Just that they do. Depending on where you come from they will have their first experiences as young as fourteen or something (!)

Of course it's bad. But did you listen to all your dad said to you...?

Nov 12, 2011
This is for teens?
by: Anonymous

You are telling teennagers UNDER 18 to get naked and do illicit things w/each other? That is just wrong. Flat out W-R-O-N-G.

Jun 08, 2011
by: Mr T

if your looking for like a sexy dare then why not play the old game TWISTER but the people who arnt playin choose which part of your body has to touch which spot (can also for the extra daring people be played naked)

have fun :)

Mar 18, 2013
by: Banana Dare

You must use a banana in a sexy way ;D

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