Ideas for Truth or Dare with my boyfriend! (dares for teenagers)

by Jenny

Many people have gotten or lost a girlfriend because of Truth or Dare. Do it right!

Many people have gotten or lost a girlfriend because of Truth or Dare. Do it right!

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My boyfriend and me (we are both 13) play Truth or Dare often. I don't have any new ideas anymore. Can you help?

Answer from dare-up-your-party:

Some truths:

  • Did you like me when we first met?
  • Do you cry when watching certain movies? Which one?
  • Tell me if (name) really did (something you want to find out)!
  • When did you wet yourself the last time?
  • Does (name) like me?
    Tell me honestly which one of my clothes you don't like.
  • Do you find (your girlfriend's name) cute?
  • Are you jealous?
Some dares:

  • Give my friend (name) a hug (in front of the class)!
  • Give me a hug and a kiss in front of my parents!
  • I dare you to pull on your ears!
  • I dare you to lick my shoe (make sure it's clean first!)
  • Say "I love you" to our teacher! (That is a meaner dare!)
Don't do too mean dares, you are still young and it is your boyfriend we are talking about. And don't forget to have a lot of fun!

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Dec 20, 2011
Dare Me
by: Anonymous

If he wants you to go out for a date, make him ask your parents first. I wonder if dares like this could work but it will show your parents how responsible he is towards you.

Nov 19, 2011
Disagree: its all about the seks
by: Another anon

Say what you want but if you play truth or dare or spin the bottle or whatnot with a guy/gal you fancy, its because you want to get in the sheets with him/her.

Just package the whole thing so that you dont feel slutty :P dare him to do things to you... real slow... holding back to the last minute.

Bet it will be great for you and him.

Or do some crazy stuff with him you never thought he would like. You'll be surprises

Nov 12, 2011
My 2 cents....
by: Anonymous

You know, truth or dare doesn't have to be strictly sexual. You can have fun & be creative in others ways. My 2 cents.

Jun 02, 2011
Ideas for Truth or Dare with my boyfriend
by: DareDevil

Here is a list of good truths:
Who was the first person you have ever thought about doin something innapropriate to.
if you had to get a tattoo what would it be and where would you put it
what is the strangest thing you have ever done to get attention?
if your dream guy came up to you and burped what would you do?
Did you ever wet your pants after you turned 14?
how old were you when you lost your virginity and to who
Have you ever shoved an apple core up your vag?
have u ever allowed urself to photgraph urself with crzy clothes?
would u ever date somebody of the same sex?
what would you do in my closet with me for 7 minutes?

Here are some good Dares:
Dare him to unzip his pants and put a hat on his ***** lol
dare flip a coin heads i get head(eaten out) tails i get tails(butt sex)
Clean the toilet with a toothbrush.
Act like the sound person who is being dubbed for a noisy kissing scene.
Pretend you are chinese and call someone askin if they would like to place and order!
Walk into a busy mall on a weekend and stand in one of the busiest places like in a main annex or something and make your own music by singing or using your mouth and start doing a strip tease there in the mall.
run through your neighborhood with only underwear and then steal a bra from someones clothes line and wear it and then go to a convienice store at 1am and but a pack of ciggarettes only waering the bra and underwear
play the rest of the game naked or spend the rest of the night naked
Dare him to act out one of his fantasies..

Hope that helps

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