Is it cheating if I kiss another guy in Truth or Dare?

Truth, Dare, Kiss or Cheat?

Truth, Dare, Kiss or Cheat?

"We kissed in a game of truth or dare. Does that count as cheating my boyfriend?
We did not do a full make out, it was only a little kiss on the lips...
Does kissing count in Truth or Dare?"


If you're thinking about it, you'll have to read on before you really get in trouble!!

Now here is my advice:

Be honest, is there a difference if it was a make out or only a peck on the lips?

  1. Imagine your BF doing it to another girl (yeah a hot one). Would you feel it was OK since it was only Truth or Dare? Yes? Then all is good. (Unless your boyfriend is more jealous than you: then you'd better not have him find out!)
  1. Guess there were other people there too. (Or did you play the game alone with some other guy? Then I smell cheating in the air!) SO a lot of people might know about it already. Probably your BF might find out about it earlier or sooner. Would you be comfortable with someone else telling your BF about it? Yep? Then you are clear.

Chances are it feels like cheating. Else you would not have asked this question. If it feels like kissing is cheating in Truth or Dare, it probably is.

If you're younger:

Don't kiss someone else even as a dare if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Else you risk the breakup!

If things have happened already, don't go break up immediately or anything! An honest apology and a clear conversation about where your limits are can be enough. If he forgives you (chances are he will) things might get even better than they were before.

For older readers:

As a matter of fact, in my opinion a good and sexy game of Truth or Dare can really open up the horizon of everyone playing and challenge old, classic cliches of purity and chastity.

But you don't want to experiment around if you are young and things are all about your very first crush. These tips are probably more geared towards older readers.

Photos are from Katie Tegtmeyer and saracatharine

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    Feb 04, 2012
    Playing with my boyfriend even more fun
    by: Kittycat

    I find it a even greater game of truth or dare, when playing in a funny group INCLUDING my boyfriend!! But it's very important to talk it over before. We always agree on what is allowed for the two of us in the game. Plus we look after each other during the game to make sure the other one is comfortable.
    Anyway we've never played with people, who wouldn't respect my boyfriend an me as a couple. =)

    Jan 04, 2012
    worse if he is hot
    by: Francis

    If the other guy is hot, the cheating is considered worse by your BF.

    If you kiss him on the mouth, that's worse than on the cheeks. Even worse: french kissing, making out, lap dancing, stripping, groping...

    in roughly that order.

    Oh and don't let yourself get pressured into cheating on your boyfriend by your friends who tell you it's all going to stay a secret.

    It won't. And even if it did stay a secret, your concience will torment you all the time. Not worth it, believe me.

    There is a fine line between having fun and cheating. The best solution is to play with your boyfriend around and to talk out what both of you are confortable doing to other people.

    If you are underage, I recommend you stay away from any partner-swapping, kissing around etc. The temptation is likely to be too much.

    Dec 21, 2011
    Keep it Secret
    by: Kiki

    I don’t normally tell about what happened in Truth or Dare games because he’ll definitely feel a little bit jealous even if he knows it’s a game.

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