Drinking Games for 2 people

A young couple ready to play drinking games
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While drinking with only you and a friend might be the most boring thing ever to do, there are a lot of drinking games for 2 people wanting to get drunk and forget whatever worries you carry in their back.

Whoever said that a group of two will not be able to have fun as a group of ten is definitely proven wrong on that belief. See for yourself or better try these games that are sure to bring life to your drinking spree. Here are some of the games that are best played by two drinkers:

Beer Checkers

Checkers Bar Game Set

  • This is one of those drinking games for 2 that will get you board game aficionados all excited, as you outdrink each other and go on a wild drinking spree with your best friend.
  • In this modified version of the classic board game, you do have the option of using beer glasses instead of the usual board pieces.
  • So where does the drinking part/suffering your consequence comes in? Every time a player jumps over his opponent's piece or reaches the end where the king is situated, the opponent gets to have a go at a glass of beer.
  • This game actually follows the same rules as that of a regular checkers game, the drinking part was added to give it more excitement than it ever knows.

Stump Game

  • When the both of you are looking for a more challenging and a unique kind of game, then you should try the Stump Game.
  • This game involves a player throwing a hammer before catching it to down the opponent's nail, which is placed in a stump or any wooden board that is not used.
  • A successful attempt will require the opponent to drink while failure to catch the hammer before it falls will end up with the player facing the consequence.
  • If ever he down the incorrect nail, he then suffer the consequence and if the hammer produces sparks when it hit the nail, it mean that both of you can have a drink.
  • This game actually depends a lot on chance, making it more fun-filled with every second it is played.


Drinking Games Dice and Cup
(Photo from Ty Nigh)
  • Perfect for times when you both only have dice and nothing else around, of course not counting the beer and then you can settle for the action brought by this very addicting and drinking compatible game.
  • Think of it as Beer pong, but this time instead of shooting balls into your opponent's cups you will be using a dice.
  • The other thing that separates this drinking game for 2 from that popular game is that in Snappa, you can protect your cup like your playing football. Yes, like how a goal-keeper protects the ball from entering the goal kind of way.
  • For every dice that gets in your opponent's beer-filled cup, he gets to drink that as a consequence.

So what are you waiting for? It doesn't mean that there wouldn't be a good time when it's just you and a friend. Go ahead grab those six pegs, get your cards, dice and ping pong balls ready and let's drink the night away while playing these drinking games for 2 people whose only goal for the night is to be intoxicated.

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