Beer Pong - A classic drinking game

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Beer Pong is yet another classic game which is meant to give people fun, but for the competitive person in you there would be no fun until you see yourself winning.

Challenge is what feeds your hunger and it is also the thing that brings you the most entertainment.

The sight of seeing someone wear that loser's face is what brings you the utmost bliss and you see this drinking night with comrades as one opportunity to show what you got. So get those ping pong tables ready and let's start this game of beer pong!

Beer pong is one of the most enjoyed Drinking games in the world. Blame it on the college kids who like to party hard with beers in their hand and an imagination that overflows thus giving birth to games such as this one. It may be due to the simplicity of how the game is played, which is a requirement for nights when the gang really wanted to get drunk right away even without the night ending.

Rules of the Game:

With just a table, cups, ping pong balls and never forget the alcohol, a team of two or more can get started with their drinking spree. The game goes through by the following rules:

A beautiful girl drinking a large glass of beer(Photo from jnissa)
  • Arrange at least six cups on both sides of the table.
  • Each team will be positioned at the other side of the table parallel to their target cups.
  • The teams will take turns in getting their ping pong balls into the opponent's cup.
  • For every successful chance, the opposing team will need to drink from the cup where the ball was shoot.
  • Each finished cup is removed so that all the remaining cups will be close to each other.
  • The game ends when all the cups on one end of the beer pong table are consumed.

The New Modified Beer Pong

For those who find the above set of rules as something fit for a kid in kindergarten, you can try another variation of this game. In this game, an opponent is allowed to defend his cup just like how a goal keeper does it in a game of soccer or how every volleyball player does in order to keep their opponent from scoring. Here is how the other set of rules goes:

There are two roles played in this game - a spiker and a server. Each team must have one of each.

  • The two teams are positioned at the opposing sides of the table, where they will be aiming to get a ping pong ball into a cup.
  • The server gets four chances to serve. Failure for the first time, grants you another chance. If for some chance, you missed, go get a drink. Third failure will only get you another chance while missing for the fourth chance, you and a team mate will be required to drink.
  • The other team's server gets his chance to get his ping pong balls into a cup when the server was unable to land the ball on the table.
  • In any chance that the server gets to knock out a beer off the table, his team will need to consume a beer each.

Isn't it easy, right? Just get the ball into a cup and whatnot, in seconds you and your team might get the bragging rights of triumphing over the other team. So what are you waiting for? Get those balls, beer pong tables and beer ready and set out the competitive man in you as your unaware comrades spend the night losing to your every effort!

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