Fun Drinking Card Games

Some Playing Cards along with Chips
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Card games - a past time back in the days that can surely make any bored person busy for hours. Due to the absence of the Internet and video game consoles back then, cards are a bored man's best friend. Just tug along a friend or anyone who can play with you and boom! Boredom gone!

Fast forward to today and even though it is less popular among the younger ones, fun drinking card games are still timeless. Yes, I do agree that card and beer, or any alcoholic drink for that matter, is perfect for each other. It's a recipe for a fun-filled drinking spree to remember!

Irish Poker

Among the first games that I learned to play with the use of cards is poker. I can clearly remember how my cousins demonstrated how it is played and the first game we had, which I am very sure I won because they gave way. Imagine my excitement to know years later that there is a similar drinking card game called Irish Poker. It was my roommate who introduced it to me.

A Guy Playing Irish Poker
  • He showed that it is played by giving out four cards to each player.
  • The one nearest the dealer will have to go first and guess if the cards of the person to his left are mostly red or mostly black.
  • If the player was able to correctly guess, he can send out two drinks for other players to consume.
  • But if he fails, he gets to drink the same amount of beer.
  • The second round of guessing involves whether the second card's number is higher or lower than the first one and failure to do so would suffer or enjoy drinking four glasses of beer.
  • The third and fourth round gets even more challenging and the number of beers to be consumed gets higher!

Texas Hold'em

Another very popular card game nowadays is Texas Hold'em. A variation of the classic poker game, this game is modified to be one of the fun drinking card games.

  • The modified part of this game comes with the beers you send out rather than chips.
  • The losing player in each round will have to drink all the beers sent out by all the players, an example is when one player sends out three drinks and another puts in five drinks then a total of eight drinks must be consumed by the losing player.
  • The group can opt to limit the number of drinks that each player can send out, but that would not be fun, right?
  • While card games have existed for the longest time and some may view them as a has-been, pairing it with lots of alcoholic drinks is sure to give it a new life.
  • Fun Drinking card games are totally worth the time and all good buddies should have played them once at least. It does not only get you drunk when the night is over, it also brings in the needed happiness when boredom or sadness takes over a party.

Still Confused How to Play Texas Holdem? 
Watch a Video Explaining Rules!

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