Jenga Drinking Game - Keep your Balance!

Girl playing truth or dare jenga
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Snakes and ladders, backgammon and Jenga. I can go on and on with similar things, but do any of them sound familiar?

Yes, of course, that is if you experienced a normal childhood. They are our most played games way back when video game consoles were not in every household and the family's main source of entertainment was these kind of games.

Throw in some die, build a rising tower of blocks and move chips in a board are the video game controller of the kids of yesterday. Great thinking rather cheat sheets are one's way in grabbing a win in these kinds of games, thus making us more capable of thinking more wittily.

With its kind of challenge, it is not surprising to see a Jenga drinking game. It is a given game for anyone trying to prove that he/she can still think properly even in the midst of drunkenness. 

Remember how hard you concentrate way back when you're a kid just to get those blocks to stand high without falling?

The same demanding thinking and strategy-forming game play is needed to play this drinking Game However, this time it was made even more difficult as you are pressured to choose and remove a block without destroying the tower when you are intoxicated. I know - even I never thought that this game can get any more challenging that what it already is!

  • The same 54 blocks are needed to get this game started and of course the beer - what was I thinking?!
  • There are actually two ways to play this modified game:


The first is with its original mechanics plus the drinking part when a player successfully remove a block without the tower collapsing , wherein he can pinpoint who among the players will get to drink. The drinking part also covers anyone who removed a block and caused the blocks to topple. The number of drinks to be consumed as a consequence can be agreed upon before the game starts.


The other variation, and for me is the most exciting way to play a Jenga drinking game, is done by writing consequences on every blocks on the Jenga set. This guarantees that no one will be thirsty for alcohol and be wishing that someone points at him or the tower goes down. So what consequences could be written, you ask? I say pretty much anything that the group finds funny or challenging or even both. Things like "drink two cups of beer in under 10 seconds" or "drink a cup of beer and do ten push-ups" would be some great consequences to consider.

As they say the kids have all the fun in the world so would not it be nice if you can carry over some things that made you happy and smile when you were little?

Of course, everyone will answer this question with a resounding yes! This Jenga drinking game is sure to not only keep your childhood memories fresh, but also create new experiences that is full of smiles and happiness.

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