Sexy Stripping Drinking Games

Stripped clothes with alcohol drinks and playing cards

Why would you want to play stripping drinking games? Imagine...

It's you and your beau's anniversary! However, the bad weather has ruined all for plans for this day! What do you do at times like this? You are left stranded inside your place without anything exciting or worst memorable thing to do.

Is there anything else exciting that a couple can do to celebrate their anniversary inside their place?

Stripping drinking games are one way to go if you want to bring some crazy, sexy fun tonight.

Ultimate Beer Pong

Playing Stripping beer pong game(Photo from holycalamity)

For starters, why not adopt one of the popular drinking games around - Ultimate Beer Pong - and give it a twist.

Normally, this game is played by aiming at the cup of your opponent, in your case it would be your partner, and whenever you shoot a ball into a cup, your partner drinks that cup.

What could be the twist you ask? It would come whenever someone fails to shoot a ball! At this time, that person will be required to remove one piece of clothing and whoever has the most clothes on after the game, wins!


Next up on your menu should be Shackles. This game got rules so strict that every time one breaks it, it means removing a piece of clothing. While a game that is ideal for big group, you can tweak it to be played by the both of you.

  • The game goes by throwing two coins like a dice.
  • Every time one gets two heads, that person gets a chance to drink.
  • If someone gets both tails, that player can nominate someone to drink for him.
  • The first person who gets three consecutive alike side of the coin, i.e. both heads or both tails, will have the great chance of making the rule for the game and even immunity from the rule made.
  • Every time the rule is broken, the offender will have to strip.


1-2-3. And no it does not mean that this night is coming to an end. It's the popular game that is usually played in bars, which you can adopt into a stripping game.

Naked Girl Standing with a Large Tequila Bottle(Photo from chaunceystudios)
  • A dice, a table and of course, your drinks are all the things needed for this very much tease filled game.
  • The first person to get a sum of six in rolling the dice has the power to tell the partner to gobble up the agreed amount of drinks to be consumed and as another penalty, or reward, is to remove a piece of clothing.
  • This game can be leveled-up even if one is already naked by asking that person to do Truth or Dare.

This night does not need to boring. Imagine where you both could land after all these games! With a special night like this, even the weather cannot stop you both from expressing your love to each other albeit a much simple way. I am sure that these stripping drinking games will be the most memorable anniversary night yet! That is if it hasn't already been yet due to the storm!

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