Drinking Card Game Kings

Ever wondered what the world would be if playing cards were not invented? Can you imagine drinking nights if cards were not around to make things more interesting than the normal ranting you do whenever you get drunk?

While not limited to drinking, cards can be considered as a drinker's best friend due to the number of card drinking games that have been played throughout the years.

Some are originally made just for drinking while others were adopted to be more fun and exciting to be accompanied by beer. One of those is the drinking card game Kings.

The drinking card game Kings is one of those adopted into a drinking game like Texas Hold'em and the child-friendly card game Memory.

How to Play the Drinking Card Game King

A Guy Showing Ace of Spades(Photo from Justin.Taylor)
  • This game involves a deck of cards, lots and lots of drinking and players who wants to get drunk by the end of the game.
  • While it may have slightly strict rules, I am sure that every person will be able to pick it up by the middle of the game.
  • The only downside (or good side if you wanna see how a drunk friend acts) is that it may be difficult to remember the rules once the players are already intoxicated.

Due to then popularity of this game, many college students and drinkers alike have created different versions of it. But, while the mechanics and rules change, it cannot be denied that they are still very effective in bringing fun into a drinking spree. The first variation of the drinking card game Kings goes by the following rules:

Classic Version of the Game

For every player who gets a card with...


Every one in the group should drink.


You can take as many sips as you want.


You can choose who among the players will take a sip.


Choose between the player to your right or left and let him/her take a drink.


You get to choose a subject and every player should be able to give something related to it, failure to do so will result in drinking.


You can ask any member of the gang a question and after answering it, they must drink as well.


For every player that gets this card, they will be entitled to pour some drink on a cup in the center of the table. The player who will draw the last King card will be required to drink the concoction made by the previous three who got a King.

Improvised Version of the Game

In the second version of this game, the same things are needed to get it started but this time you will be playing with a new set of rules. The cards in this set of rules corresponds to very different consequences than that of the first kind of Kings drinking game. A player who was able to draw a card with:


You and the one in front of you takes a drink. Both of you should stop at the same time or else another round of drinks will come the way of the person who puts the drink down first


You have the choice of who among the group will drink two beers. It can actually be divided among the persons you have chosen


You will take three sips


All the women present will take a drink


The whole group states an experience they never had by starting it with "Never have I Ever"


All men should drink


Termed "Zip Boing." You start by saying "Zip" while other will follow suit. The direction goes back to you when a player says "Boing."


You get to choose someone who gets to drink together with you


You say a word and every one must give a word that rhymes with that word or else they would have to face the consequence


You get to pick a category and every player needs to cite something in that category


The player who is in front of you gets to drink


You can ask anyone a question


You can pour your drink into the cup in the middle of the table

If you are really looking for a card game that packs punch and laughter, then go for a Kings drinking game. The whole gang is sure to enjoy a relaxed night while playing any version of this widely popular game.

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