Never Have I Ever - the revealing drinking game!

Best played with both girls and guys, the drinking game Never Have I Ever will get you drunk and talking in no time!

Man drinking a shot of alcohol while playing the Never Have I Ever game
(Photo from Cleavers)

It's a real simple game. Everyone has a drink ready before him. Each takes a turn telling one thing he never did (or so you must believe):

Never ever have I stalked someone on Facebook!

Everyone who has done so has to take a drink.

The more you drink, the more embarrassing secrets will come out when playing Never Have I Ever!

If you want to mix it up, have the players remove their clothes one by one if they don't want or can't drink anymore! 



A couple drinking at a party
(Photo from Ian Wilson)
  • I have never shaved my beard
  • I have never been kicked in the balls


  • I have never worn mascara
  • I have never shopped for stockings

Beware of some surprising answers sure to make everyone burst into laughter!

Get your mind flowing for some mean and creative questions! Here are some to start into the evening:

Never Ever Have I Ever...

Girl talking to her dog
(Photo from Mysi)
  • removed the price tag of something just because it was really cheap
  • was I drunk before 1 am
  • did I show the finger to another driver
  • did I commit a crime I would have gone to prison for if they would have caught me
  • Now that is really going to increase the suspense...!
  • had sex with my shoes still on
  • wet my pants from laughing too hard
  • did I talk with a pet about my personal problems
  • did I think that a just married couple will not last long
Topless girl drinking directly from the bottle
Let people strip instead of drinking!
(Photo from Emery Co Photo)
  • did I clean behind the freeze
  • Feel free to express your respect to the roommates who drink here!
  • did I use a substitute for toilet paper
  • did I stand before a closed school because I have forgotten that it was a free day

Share Your Best ‘Never Ever’ Questions

Did you ever play ‘Never Ever’ and had a great idea of what to ask?

If yes, then here is the place to share your best ‘Never Ever’ ideas.

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