Fun Beer Drinking Games

Hmm, beer...! You know you love it, and it is the key recipe for all drinking games!

Going out for a drink with your friends is a perfect way of spending your weekend. You get the chance to hang out with your pals and do some serious drinking. Now for some fun drinking games to make your evening!

Playing beer drinking games to get everybody wasted to make sure the next day you hardly remember anything. There is a saying:

If you can remember, you were not there!

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If you are looking for good drinking games, try out "Buffalo". The rules of this game are so simple, even your most stoned friends can understand.

A glass full of beer with a beer can(Photo kalleboo)
  • The golden rule of this game is that the players have to hold their drinks using their left hand.Some may be too drunk to follow this instruction. If you spot anyone holding their drink with their right, you shout "Buffalo! Buffalo! Buffalo!!" Everyone joins you by clapping their hands and banging the table.
  • The "culprit" has to finish his drink as fast as possible in order to silence the others.

This is one of those icebreaker beer drinking games to lighten the mood. Beware of your neighbors when making noise, though...

Make sure to

  • pass drinks around often
  • distract the players
  • or ask them to hold your drink

to trick them into holding it with their right hand!

Beer bomb

Pong ball in the beer glass(Photo eliduke)

Beer bomb is the next in our list of beer drinking games. To play beer bomb you require a ping-pong ball and some beer (obviously). It is a drinking game for two people.

Each player takes turn to try and hit a beer cup with a ping pong ball. The looser has to drink the cup with the ping-pong ball still in it. If he manages to grab the ball and hit the next cup with his mouth, the other player has to drink double the amount.

Make sure to use a very small distance for this drinking party game to be fun and sometimes nasty.


A Drink and some coins for a Quarters Game(Photo koadmunkee)

"Quarters" is a good example for coin drinking games. Several drinking mates can play this game together.

  • To start the game you spin a coin and to whomever it point to, starts the game.
  • He then has to bounce the coin of the table and towards a glass.

                    - By flipping the coin with his finger

                    - By using another coin to catapult it

  • If the shooter succeeds, he can choose anyone in the group to empty their beer glass. Else, it is the turn of the next player.

Boat races

Boat races needs some teamwork! Divide your drinking buddies into two teams.

  • One player from each team tries to finish a beer as fast as they can.
  • As soon as he is finished and the mug touches the table, the next player downs his beer.
  • This cycle continues throughout the game.
Playing Boat Races Drinking Game(Photo mrflip)

It is similar to a relay race, only with beer! The team who finishes first wins the game.

It is not forbidden to try to make someone drinking laugh by telling a funny joke! How you win this or any other beer drinking games depends on your wits and your ability to hold your liquor.

These fun drinking games are perfect for spicing up your next party. While sober, they seem to be easy games. But when you're wasted, it is a different story.

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