Top 2 best drinking games of all time!

Why get drunk normally when you can have a blast with the best drinking games in the process?

If there is one thing that the whole gang is sure about, it would be that all of you are the best drinkers out there. The endless drinking spree all of you love to take, the packs of beer that you consume in a night and the endless talk and games you have during those times.

But, there is one thing that separates all of you and it have to do with what are the best drinking games that you had played.

I know this is not an easy question to answer, especially for a group that is always ready to experiment on everything - drinking games included.

Beer Pong

Couple playing Beer Pong(Photo from Melissa O'Donohue)

If there would be a sort of survey among your friends on which is the most popular drinking game for them, I am sure that Beer pong will not be left in the competition (that's if it has yet to lead).

This very addicting game has really caught the attention of drinkers all over the world. Aside from the easy rules and game play that it has, the seriousness of the players to get that ping pong ball into someone's cup is definitely a sight to see.

What's even more interesting to see is the reaction of the friend who always suffers the consequence of drinking, as it seems that the whole group had been ganging up on him all night long.

King's Cup

While it may not be one of the best drinking games for most, your gang is hooked on the game King's Cup. It may have to do with you and your pals' addiction with cards that got all of you hooked with this game. In this game, a player needs to pick a card from the deck and each of them have corresponding consequences. These are the equivalent consequences of each card:

Ace -

The player can make a rule, any rule. Anyone who fails to follow it must drink.

2 -

The player can choose who among the group should drink.

3 -

The player will suffer the consequence of drinking.

4 -

The group must at the same time put their hands on the table and the last one to do so will get a go on the drink.

5 -

All the guys in the group get to drink the beer.

6 -

It would be all the girls turn to drink.

7 -

All the players will need to raise both their hands and the last one will have to drink.

8 -

Whoever draws this would need to confess something by starting with the phrase "never have I ever."

9 -

This is like a mini-game within the game as it would require the whole group to say a sentence and its last word should rhyme the last of word of sentence of the person before you.

10 -

Like when someone draws a nine card, this time the one who flip will have to say a word and the next player would need to add another word that can enable them to form a sentence.

Jack -

The one who draws gets to pick a category and all the players must name something that is related to that category.

Queen -

Instead of suffering a consequence, the lucky player who draw this card will get a chance to ask one of the players any question he wishes to be answered.

King -

All those who draws it gets to fill the cup, which will be consumed by the player who draws the last king card.

While it would definitely be hard to come up with only one of all of the best drinking games you have played or have in mind, it may be better to settle on a truce that all the games you like to play are the best ones!

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